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An eight-year-old chess player made history by beating a 37-year-old grandmaster

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At the age of eight years, six months and 11 days, Ashwath Kaushik made history on Sunday, February 18, by becoming the youngest player ever to win a chess grandmaster. >

The little guy, who lives in Singapore, managed to beat Poland's Jacek Stopa, 37, in the fourth round of the Burgdorfer Stadthaus Open in Switzerland.

The previous record had been set just last month by then-eight-year-old Leonid Ivanovic – who became the first player under the age of nine to defeat a grandmaster – but Ashwath was five months younger than the Serb when he defeated Stopa, according to Chess.com.

“It was really exciting and amazing, I felt proud of my game and the way I played, especially since I was worse at one point but I managed to come back,” Kaushik told Chess.com after the win over Stopa.

Born in India in 2015, Ashwath has already made a name for himself after winning several junior tournaments around the world – even becoming the Under-8 Rapid World Champion in 2022, according to Chess.com.


He practices 7 hours a day

Ashwath finished 12th at this week's tournament in Switzerland and expectations are high for him as he continues to compete against opponents with experience decades older than his own.

In an interview with Chess.com, Ashwath's father stated that neither he nor his wife played chess and it was a surprise to see his son, who, as he says, he practices about seven hours a day to become such a talented player.

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source: CNN Greece

Source: 24h.com.cy

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