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An elderly woman died in a mountain community while waiting for the ambulance

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<p data-block-key=An elderly woman in a mountainous community in the province of Nicosia died while waiting for the ambulance.

In a statement, the Observatory of the Third Age of Cyprus states that, “after the tragic incident with the death of an elderly woman in the mountainous areas of Nicosia who waited in vain for the ambulance, the Observatory of the Third Age of Cyprus joins its voice with OSAK, in order to proceed NOW and without another delay is the bill concerning the operation of ambulances”.

The Observatory also emphasizes that, “the Ministry of Finance should finally stop invoking economic reasons again and again because stubbornness and indifference on such important issues cost human lives”.

Adding further that, “it is unthinkable that the state as a whole, and not only the current government, should obstruct to such an extent that the lives of people living in mountainous and remote areas are endangered every day”.

At the same time, the Observatory states that, “it considers that it is everyone's responsibility to immediately promote solutions for the proper operation of the ambulance system in Cyprus and those who delay or present obstacles should have bearing in mind that this attitude of theirs is criminal and if they cannot handle such serious matters let some others more capable do it.”

“Finally, the Observatory expects the President of the Republic to intervene immediately and effectively to stop human lives being lost so unfairly and for Cyprus to escape from practices and attitudes of past decades”, the announcement concludes.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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