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An employee stole € 74,000 from a company fund – Handcuffs to a 40-year-old

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An employee stole € 74,000 from a company fund - Handcuffs to a 40-year-old

The theft of money over 74 thousand euros from a company was prevented by members of the Police in Larnaca. The members of the Police immediately located the amount of money and proceeded to arrest a 40-year-old employee of the company, who confessed to stealing the money.

Specifically, around 4.00 on Thursday afternoon, the owner of a company based in Larnaca, complained to TAE Larnaca that a 40-year-old employee of the company informed him a little earlier that the amount of 74,065 euros had been stolen from the company's offices.

The 40-year-old told his employer that when he returned to the company's offices around 3.20 in the afternoon, he found a mess in the offices and the front door of the offices at the back of the building was open.

After the complaint, the members of TAE Larnaca conducted examinations at the company's offices, where the 40-year-old employee was interrogated and repeated what he had told his employer about the theft of money.

However, the members of the Police then proceeded to investigate the scene, where they located the stolen money in a company car, with the result that the 40-year-old suspect was re-interrogated, confessing to the TAE investigators that he had stolen the money.

An arrest warrant was issued against the 40-year-old, under which he was arrested and detained to facilitate the investigation, with the Larnaca Police Department continuing the investigation into a case of theft and providing false information to a police officer.

Source: politis.com.cy

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