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An excavator was employed in the search for Perikleus

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With the use of an excavator, the search continues today, in the area of ​​the Mari community, to locate the body of 31-year-old Angelos Perikleos, who was allegedly murdered and buried by a 25-year-old. Kostas Michael, "the investigations today are a continuation of the investigations carried out yesterday to locate evidence and the body of Angel Perikleos».

The investigations, he continued, are focused on the same area, based on evidence obtained and they involve sniffer dogs, drones, members of the Police and Civil Defense.

In relation to the presence of an excavator in the area, Mr. .Michael stated that "he is expected to help in cases where we find places where the victim may have been buried".

At the same time he emphasized that, despite the fact that there is satisfactory testimony on the case, which was brought before Criminal Court, with the main accused being the 25-year-old, "Police investigations are continuing and will continue with all the means and will we have for a complete investigation, that is until the body is found".

So far, he added, nothing has been found, while it is recalled that evidence related to the case was found yesterday, specifically various tools and gun casings.

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Source: KYPE 

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