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An important step towards deepening cooperation is the “Friendship Forum”

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An important step towards deepening cooperation is the

Another important move on the “chessboard” of the Eastern Mediterranean is considered for Cypriot diplomacy the participation in the multilateral conference, called “Friendship Forum” , which will be held on Thursday in Athens, with the participation of the Foreign Ministers of Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, United United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The convening of the multilateral meeting is considered, according to diplomatic sources from Nicosia, to be an important step towards deepening the cooperation of the countries in the region and towards achieving the long-term vision for the institutionalization of regional cooperation.

The talks are expected to focus on developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the settlement of disputes under international law, while a joint statement is reportedly being discussed at the end of the conference. The agenda of the conference includes issues of multilateral cooperation in the context of understanding the participating countries, for the need for security, peace, stability and prosperity in the wider region.

In recent years, a new page has been opened in Cypriot foreign policy, through the promotion of cooperation, which can contribute to the diplomatic power of Cyprus and strengthen its role as a factor of stability in the region and as a bridge for EU cooperation with countries of the wider region.

The vision for the creation of a regional organization

Nicosia's long-term goal and planning is to institutionalize the cooperation of the countries of the region, through the creation of a regional organization, whose creation of the necessary structure could be built gradually, starting from low policy issues.

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulidis, has repeatedly stated, there is a strong belief that such an Organization, which will not exclude the participation of any state and will strengthen the cooperation between the countries of the region, will undoubtedly be a positive development for both the region. as well as for all participating states. After all, the wider Eastern Mediterranean region is probably the only region in the world where there is no regional organization, as, for example, African countries, the Americas, the Gulf countries and other countries have done.

It is estimated that there is data in the region, which can, when the political conditions mature, bring the States of the region together in an institutionalized cooperation. An example is the model of the Cairo Energy Forum, which is a model of regional cooperation in the field of energy, which does not exclude any country and can offer benefits to all.

It is pointed out that such an Organization will not turn against a third state, but its goal will be the participation of all States on the basis of a positive agenda and a positive approach for the benefit of all states and peoples of the region.

Source: www.philenews.com

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