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An institution with a predetermined end…

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Eνας θεσμoς με &pi ;ροδιαγεγραμμενο τελος...

In the same project viewers. An expression so cliché, that it is found almost every week in journalistic texts, of all fields. Although it is so widely used, it is an expression that fits like a glove in this particular case, since every time the calendar turns to the month of December, it is as if a movie is put on repeat. Badly filmed, badly played, with the same lines from both sides and the viewers watching in despair, knowing that its end will not be different from other years. And while all this is happening, in the middle are those affected in despair.

The title of the film is “exams per quarter”, the protagonists are parents, students and the Ministry of Education, while the professors and the Parliament play a guest star role. The scenario is simple, on the one hand the students and parents demand the abolition or suspension of the institution and on the other hand the Ministry of Education, which as time goes by, hardens its defense for the specific institution. Sometimes the teachers and the Parliament may be on the side of the first side, while the Ministry of Education marches alone, with the ruling party as its sole ally.

For the last three years, every December and as the time for for the students to sit the first examination of the year, the voices, the tensions and the protests begin, with the parents invoking several of the ills of the specific institution and the students reminding them of their timeless position, as far as the four months are concerned, as from in 2017, when the institution was promoted and voted by the Parliament, they had expressed their opposition.

This time there was a plot twist in the case, after Pavlos Mylonas, chairman of the Education Committee of the Parliament, entered from the outside and where no one expected him, and declared that he intends to promote a proposal for a law to abolish the institution, after the Presidential Elections , for two reasons. The first is practical, since after the passing of the budgets, the Parliament is closed and cannot, based on the constitution, pass any law and the second is also practical, since it will wait for a new Government to be elected, so that it can see the Minister of Education and to what extent there is fertile ground for discussion, while at the same time there will be consultations with all those involved.

Although the proposal of Mr. Mylonas came like a bolt from the air, as he was one of the advocates of this particular institution, given that he comes from the same party as the MP who promoted the 2019 changes, on the other hand, no one can say that it was not a natural consequence, especially after the two large protest events of the students, outside the Presidential Palace in Nicosia, but also the many reactions that are presented from time to time.

And while everyone sees the problems, in terms of the pressure the students are under, both with the coverage of the material and with the timetables, since the examination period must be completed in a period of two weeks, they did not give the institution a second chance at all, with as a result, a bad image has been formed and an innovation, which might have produced better learning results, has been condemned.

One of the protestors can invoke the fact that the exams every four months came into force, during the time of the corona virus pandemic, with the result that there was no proper implementation before this institution was extended to 3rd Lyceum and Gymnasiums, however, based on the facts, he was condemned since before its passing, in 2017. Indicative of this is the fact that on the day the specific issue was brought to the Plenary Session of the Parliament, students had gathered outside the parliament and were protesting, while the situation derailed.

And we have reached today, when the institution has been extended to the Gymnasiums, after a rather turbulent course in the High Schools. This year, the protests started early, since parents in two schools have already protested, under the pretext of the subject taught in the schools and called on the Ministry of Education to reform.

In addition to the institutions, in the field of education, the specific institution was also exploited by political forces, which every year from the day of their implementation, used the four-month exams as a weapon to attack the Government. Ouch, several times, Prodromos Prodromou and the opposition took out knives and exchanged heavy words about the institution, while there was also a confrontation from the seats of the Parliament. 

On the other hand, every time the Ministry of Education comes under fire for this specific institution, it comes forward and answers with numbers for its implementation. Just at the beginning of the month, Prodromos Prodromos issued an announcement, based on which, during the last examination period, i.e. 2021-2022:

In the 1st Lyceum there were:

  • 20% with an assessment of 17-20 in New Greek,
  • 10% with an assessment of 17-20 in Mathematics (Orientation),
  • 18% with an assessment 17-20 in Physics (Orientation)
  • 15 % with a grade of 17-20 in History.

While in the second high school:

  • 18% with an evaluation of 17-20 in Modern Greek,
  • 34% with an evaluation of 17-20 in Mathematics (Orientation) ,
  • 24% with an assessment of 17-20 in Physics (Orientation)
  • 18% with an assessment of 17-20 in History.

Similarly also in the 3rd Lyceum:

  • 19% with an assessment of 17-20 in Modern Greek,
  • 33% with an assessment of 17-20 in Mathematics ( Orientation),
  • 31 % with an assessment of 17-20 in Physics (Orientation)
  • 15% with an assessment of 17-20 in History.

Although one could attribute political expediency to Prodromos Prodromos, no one can accuse him of the fact that the information he released is false. In fact, the previous Pancypriot leaders also spoke in favor of the institution, who characterized the institution as helpful, after repeating the material they had to read for the pre-introductions.

Three years full of conflicts. This has remained in society regarding the institution of examinations every four months. An institution that was judged before it was even implemented, was condemned and no one gave it a second chance. A reform whose end was predetermined from the beginning.

  • Prodromou comes forward with data for the four months – “They were successfully implemented”
  • From the high expectations, to the institution that is attacked from everywhere
  • The High School of the Apostles Peter and Paul announced immediate taking of dynamic measures
  • Mylonas is preparing a proposal to abolish the four-month exams-“It is my obligation”
  • The four-month exams that were condemned before they were even implemented…
  • Prodromos withdraws the regulations for the four months – The institution remains as it is
  • Deputies tabled amendments for the four months, the Ministry of Finance threatens to withdraw regulations
  • They run and do not reach Parliament and Minister. of Education, they are looking for solutions for the four months

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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