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An ornament road project is coming to Ypsonas

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An ornament road project is coming to Ypsonas

By Socrates Joachim


The environmental authority for the renovation / upgrade of the street of Ilias Kannaourou Avenue, in the Municipality of Ypsonas, in the province of Limassol, gave the green light. Elias Kannaourou Avenue is about 2 km long and a small part of it to the east falls in the Municipality of Kato Polemidia.

The aim of the proposed project, by upgrading the boulevard, is to improve the traffic capacity of the local road network of the surrounding area, to improve the mobility conditions on the road network of the area for all means of transport (cars, buses, mopeds), as well as for pedestrians and cyclists (under safe and comfortable conditions). In addition, the project, with a total cost of € 7.5 million, aims to improve the functionality and road safety of the road network and the facilities provided to users in the area. The existing road, which is in the direction of two lanes and along which there are landscaped parking lots, will be upgraded to a four and two lane road (700 meters). Also, within the framework of the project, a small section of Petraki Giallourou Street, 220 meters long, will be upgraded, as well as other temporary accesses.

The upgrade of Ilias Kannaourou Avenue will include:

Reconstruction of vehicle lanes in 4 and 2 lanes in sections

– Construction of Sidewalks – Construction of Bicycle and Pedestrian Road

– Built Separation Strips

– Made and Painted Islands

– Transient Parking Spaces

– Installation of Traffic Lights

– Bus Stations – Construction and reconstruction of roundabouts

– Pedestrian crossings – Installation of horizontal and vertical markings

– Landscaping / tree planting of islands

The rehabilitation of the proposed road will consist of double and quadruple lanes, of which the four lanes will have a total road width of 13.40 meters and will extend for about 1300 meters along the road, while for the remaining approximately 700 meters of the road, there will be a double lane with a road width of 6.70 meters. On most of the road, where there will be four lanes, a central masonry dividing strip will be constructed in the middle, 1.5-2.5 meters wide, which will also be a green space, in which Italian algae will be planted. A pedestrian and bicycle path will be constructed along the south side of the proposed road, with a total width of 3 meters.

Both on the north and on the south side of the proposed road, sidewalks will be constructed with a width of 2-3 meters depending on them and ropes will be planted along them to create a bush fence. A roundabout will be constructed at the junction of Elias Kannaourou Avenue with Papanikoli and Kyparissona Streets, while the existing roundabout at the junction of Petraki Giallourou Avenue and Ilias Kannaourou Avenue will be reconstructed to comply with the project. In addition, traffic lights will be installed at the junctions of Ioannina and Kythera streets with Elias Kannaourou Avenue. It is noted that at the junctions of all the vertical streets with Ilias Kannaourou Avenue, built or painted islands will be constructed according to the needs so that the traffic will be smooth. Also, pedestrian and bicycle crossings will be constructed in various parts of the proposed project.

The proposed project will be constructed in three different phases, which include:

– Phase AD: From the junction of Makarios Avenue with Elias Kannaourou to the junction with Petraki Giallourou Avenue.

– Phase B: From the junction of Petraki Giallourou Avenue with Elias Kannaourou to the junction with Papanikoli Street.

– Phase DG: From the junction of Ilias Kannaourou Avenue with Papanikoli Street to its connection at the point of the KLEIMA department store.

The construction work of the proposed project is estimated to begin with the issuance of all necessary permits in 2024 and will take about 3 years to be completed in 2027.

Is Agastiniotis a PD candidate?

His birthday was celebrated on January 24 by the president of KEVE Christodoulos Agastiniotis and he received, as we are able to know, thousands of greeting messages from ordinary citizens from all party factions. A friend of the column typically pointed out to us that, with such an impact on society, Christodoulos Agastiniotis might have to try his luck in claiming the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus in 2023. Information in the column, however, bears the general manager of OEB Michalis Antoniou to declare his intention to take over as chief of staff of Christodolos Agastiniotis, for the time being are not confirmed.

Greek colossus on the CSE

Another large Greek company announced its listing on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The CSE announced the listing of the shares of WEALTHAVENUE PLC, in the Emerging Companies Market. The company of Greek interests consists of architects, engineers and investment people, with business and investment background and aims to use their 40 years of investment experience, with Real Estate as the main pillar and with over 350 completed residential and commercial projects so far 76,000 sq.m. The main shareholders of Wealth Avenue are the Bandoros brothers (Alexios and Andronikos), second generation architects, with Alexios as CEO, who is the representative in Greece of the largest World Organization for Tall Buildings and the Urban Environment (CTBUH). It is worth noting that the company had officially submitted an application for admission to the NEA. Purchase of the Cyprus Stock Exchange last summer. It is important, however, that the CSE is an attractive destination for such companies. We expect a similar continuation.

New Marketing & PR Director at Neo Plaza

The position of Marketing & PR Director at Neo Plaza, the first outdoor commercial & amusement park in Cyprus, was taken over by Sylvia Charalambous on January 28, replacing Anna Maria Zachariadou, who resigned for a personal reason. Sylvia Charalambous has many years of experience in the field of Marketing & PR, having worked in some of the largest retail groups in Cyprus.

From 2018 to 2021 she held the position of Group Marketing, PR & CRM Manager in the Voici la mode Group, undertaking and promoting international fashion brands such as Marks & Spencer, Topshop, Accessorize London, Miss Guided, Sfera Madrid, Celio and Café la mode restaurant chain.

N legislative regulation for hostels?

The gaps of the legislation regarding the operation of youth hostels in Cyprus were examined by the Trade Committee of the Parliament, in an effort to legislate the issue. At the present stage, research is underway in relation to what is valid in 4-5 countries where youth hostels operate, so that on the one hand there is information and on the other hand the foundations are laid both for the legal framework and in general for the mode of operation of a corresponding type of youth hostels in Cyprus. For the record, however, Cyprus is the only EU country that is not represented in the European Federation for youth hostels, with the result that there is a risk, if it is not institutionalized, that a corresponding Federation will be established in the EU by the occupiers. Let us hope that there will soon be a positive outcome to the issue, which was examined following a proposal by MPs Panikos Leonidou, Chrysi Pantelidis, Kyriakou Hatzigianni and Costa Costa.

The Public Group acquires 50% in iRepair

Public Group announced this week its strategic partnership with iRepair, an electronics repair company. The goal of this deal is in the coming years to bring to the Public stores in Greece and Cyprus a more complete and fast customer service in the field of service. To seal the partnership, Public Group acquires a 50% stake in iRepair. Chris Humbert, founder and major shareholder of iRepair, as CEO and majority shareholder, will lead the development of the new scheme.

Source: www.philenews.com

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