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Analysis: Five notes from Anastasiadis' interview

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Nikos Anastasiadis's interview on Alpha TV, when read carefully, sends many messages regarding the presidential elections. Apart from the fact that he, as a party official, will give his physical presence at the meeting of the Supreme Council for the selection of the candidate, Nikos Anastasiadis is very careful in his formulations and mainly takes care to keep distances from what the alarm executives channel. . & nbsp; And perhaps the most important thing that comes out of this interview is that President Anastasiadis indicates, addressed to the collective bodies of DISY, that there can be a Plan B if they want it.

Looking again the interview of President Anastasiadis in Alpha we record the following:

1. Respect for the party: «I am the birth and nurture of this faction. I served her from all positions. Either as an MP or as an official. It is not possible, even if I abstain from party events, to be indifferent to the faction in which I became politically active, in which he promoted me to various internal party positions, do not forget I was president of the faction for 16 years and in which I was elected President of the Republic. Therefore I am interested and I am particularly interested in the party class. The party class in the sense of respecting the provisions of the party “.

– This position refers, in the form of an answer, to those who try to use the party patriotism of Nikos Anastasiadis for their own benefit. Something he then reinforces by clarifying his own personal absence from the election.

2. Involvement in the election: «To get involved in the sense of the election campaign? Certainly not. I will remain President of the Republic until the end, President of all until the end, until the last moment I will fight to see the fulfillment of what I promised “. “ Yes, but in my party capacity, I will participate but I will not take part in a campaign to promote the party, for example. It will all be to the extent dictated by the rules and institutions when you are in the Presidency of the Republic “.

– With these two positions, Nikos Anastasiadis claims that he will stay away from the election campaign. However, this concerns him personally and not the government. He may have wanted to send a message to his ministers because all those who remain in government have entered the election campaign and are participating in all party activities related to the 2023 elections.

3 . It does not take a position, but…: «My position can not be with the party mantle, that is, to go out and shout long live the first candidate or the second candidate, but I have clearly stated that for me the one who is chosen as the party candidate is also my candidate. I will support him until the end, I will consider that he expresses the faction ».

in favor of Averof Neophytou or Nikos Christodoulidis, but declares respect for the decisions that his party will take, whatever it is.

4. There is a Plan B : «This is a matter for the party's collective bodies and the President himself. Mr. Neophytou is a politician with insight, political crisis of an increased degree, they will decide, if and to what extent it is required due to collaborations to have a retreat. If, for example, it is stated as stated by AKEL that you know the presidents of the party should be excluded from a possible cooperation. In such a case, it is up to the party's collective bodies to decide. But at the moment, what I know is that the faction has a candidate and that is Averof Neophytou “.

– In contrast to the atmosphere that was going to be created in the previous days by the alarm leadership, Nikos Anastasiadis in a very clear way maintains that there is a Plan B and throws the ball to the collective bodies of DISY to pay attention to it. He considers that a withdrawal can be justified if “required due to collaborations” and has no problem invoking AKEL, which had set in its dialogue with other parties the condition that the leaders be expelled. & Nbsp; He repeats something he has said several times in recent times, citing Mr. Neophytos' perspicacity regarding eligibility.

5. The passing of bills : “ What interests me is whether bills are passed, for me that is the importance and if bills concerning this people are passed, it is the parties that are credited. If for some reason only some refuse, they will be punished. “Because the people want everyone there and where the state owes it to the citizens, to be united and not to find pretexts in order to avoid the adoption of specific laws that will significantly contribute to the change of the daily life of the citizens.”

< p> – Takes care to show the big picture in terms of the approval of government bills and decision-making through the House of Representatives, diligently avoiding to credit a single party. He could easily have done it but he chooses not to.

Source: www.philenews.com

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