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Analysis: Kasoulidis vs Christodoulidis

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The attack of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulidis, against his predecessor, Nikos Christodoulidis, does not make an impression. Mr. Kasoulidis took on the role of “demolishing” Mr. Christodoulidis, who learned the secrets of diplomacy from him, but realized early on that his positions were completely wrong. & Nbsp;

The current Foreign Minister, when he retired, had joined the “camp” of those who support a settlement and beyond “any solution”. With a vain claim that if the Cyprus issue is not resolved “all the Turks will catch us”. We do not need Mr. Kasoulides to tell us that Turkey can understand the whole island. We know that. It is in the new plans of Tayyip Erdogan, after all. Simultaneous strike in both the Aegean and Cyprus. & Nbsp;

He is also impatient playing this dangerous game, which will probably not work out for him. Greece can not only defend, but also counterattack. Because he has no intention of taking the first step. It does not threaten anyone. It does not claim lands from any country. The opposite happens. Turkey has escalated its attacks and claims and claims that it owns hundreds of islands and islets in the Aegean. & nbsp;

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And no, Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu did not make a joke on Thursday, repeating the unhistorical claim. He did not “succeed” in the conversation in Israel and did not convince the Israelis that it is in their interest a pipeline to Turkey that will pass, of course, through occupied Cyprus. & Nbsp;

Diplomats with whom I discussed the issue in Washington told me – and I agree – that the Jewish State would consider a pipeline to Turkey, but that would not pass through the occupied territories. However, because he will upset his friends in Athens, Nicosia and other capitals, he will not reach an agreement with Turkey. & Nbsp;

We have heard many times the “tale” about the new Turkish-Israeli relationship of cooperation and friendship. We have not seen it before and analysts in Greece and Cyprus have denied it. Because they have no seed in mind. How to forget the conversations about “Nazis” and “murderers” that Erdogan uttered. Or the other talk about the destruction of Israel. I am not saying that they will not develop trade and diplomatic relations. But they will not work together strategically. & nbsp;

The same is the case with Egypt, where Mr. Kasoulides met and met with his Egyptian counterpart. How many times have the Turks claimed that they have moved on with Cairo and that the announcements are a matter of days. & Nbsp;

The reference to the visit of the Cypriot Foreign Minister is important, because if I am not mistaken he is not a fan of the tripartite meetings and in general of the “schemes” with Greece, Egypt and Israel. As we inform, it is the school that these relations irritate Turkey, which is supposedly angry and does not want a solution to the Cyprus problem. Conversations of the cafe. Turkey is not seeking a solution because it is happy with what it has received and which there are Cypriot politicians who unfortunately believe that they are “lost homelands”. & nbsp;

At the same time, the occupiers hear that we have an elite on the island who thinks that if Turkey is offered “more” more, an agreement will be reached, which will allow the rest of the island to be saved. & nbsp ;

Sick thoughts and more sick situations. It is in this context that Mr. Kasoulidis became the placeholder of the new confidence-building measures (MOE) that legalize the illegal airport of Tympos. And he continues to insist on a big mistake. First of all, this is an election year and usually the procedures, on many issues, freeze. It also happens in other countries. Both Turkey and Greece have elections next year. The Turks are not in the mood to waste their time… Because that is what they say when they talk about the Cyprus issue. & nbsp;

And the Greek Prime Minister would not want to be blamed for the mistakes of Mr. Anastasiadis and Mr. Kasoulidis. He made the impression that in his speeches in which he spoke about Cyprus he referred to invasion and occupation. He did not talk about the unacceptable solution of the Bi-Zonal Bicommunal Federation, not because he opposes it, but because he knows that it is catastrophic. I think he would like to avoid it. Of course, Mr. Mitsotakis and every Greek prime minister are trapped in the decisions taken by Cypriot politicians. Wrong decisions that ditched Cyprus and its problem. & Nbsp;

Mr. Kasoulidis, instead of circling the TV channels and throwing mud at Mr. Christodoulidis – and the reasons why he does it – let him deal with his ministry and foreign policy. Of course he forgets that he serves Nikos Anastasiadis and is obliged to follow his policies. So, instead of blaming his predecessor, let him shoot his arrows at the President of the Republic. Both the current minister and the previous one follow his policy. & nbsp;

Mr. Kasoulidis undertook a “contract” to save the DISY candidate, Averof Neophytou, because they have the same views on the Cyprus issue. Dangerous views for the Greeks of Cyprus… & nbsp;

AND A NOTE: Everyone is talking about the. Skills of Mr. Flessas, the one who prepared the speech of Mr. Christodoulidis with which he announced his candidacy, and almost dug it. Mr. Flessas has special relations with DISY and its well-known executives. Why exclude that he intentionally put pieces from Mr. Kasoulidis's speech to Mr. Christodoulidis's speech. Because what he did was a political fraud. On the other hand, to be fair, Mr. Christodoulidis should not have let anyone write his speech. He had to write it himself… & nbsp;

HYSTEROGRAPH: The President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Mrs. Margareta Cederfelt, was in Cyprus last week. The President of the Republic of Cyprus took the opportunity to inform her about the alleged efforts of his government to fight corruption. Of course we are talking about a country where the political and economic establishment is corrupt. A country whose Speaker of Parliament and a Member of Parliament were discussing how to outlaw and speculate with illegal acts. Cyprus is buzzing about specific political and economic factors that foreign and local investors must turn to in order to do their jobs. & Nbsp;

What did Mr. Anastasiadis say to Margareta Cederfelt? “The Government's pursuit,” he noted, “is to resolutely tackle corruption and promote transparency and accountability by consolidating the rule of law in Cyprus.” & nbsp;

One would expect that the Cypriot president, after the revelations and revelations of the Al Jazeera network, would not be at the stage of pursuit, but we would have reached the arrests and the punishment of the corrupt. This cannot happen because the system is part of the government. They protect each other. & Nbsp;

And that is why citizens should prefer independent candidates who have nothing to do with corruption. I'm not saying that the party candidates have made any commitments to continue eating and drinking. But they do not stop being candidates of the parties…

Source: www.philenews.com

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