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Analysis: Political chaos in the occupied territories

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Ersin Tatar tries on a daily basis, with statements and interviews in Turkish or Turkish Cypriot media, to convey the message that there is a “separate people” and a “separate Turkish Cypriot state” in the occupied part of Cyprus. However, what really happens every day in the occupied northern part of the island is the confirmation of the absolute control exercised by Turkey. & Nbsp;

Ankara is working, through the provocation of political chaos, to achieve absolute sovereignty within the Turkish Cypriot community, turning the occupied territories into another “Turkish province”. It uses the “political system” of the occupiers to impose itself in every way. The Turkish government has long ago decided that it should change the system of “governance” of the occupiers in order to become, as in Turkey, “presidential”. & Nbsp;

Her goal is not accidental. By differentiating the existing system and turning it into a “presidential” one, she knows – as can be seen from her own case – a “president” who will have his own “government” will lead the occupiers. In simpler language, the current Turkish Cypriot leader elected by Ankara will be completely controlled by the Turkish government and will obey its orders. & Nbsp;

How does he achieve this? Leading the current “political situation” to chaos so that the change it has been seeking for a long time and the transformation of the system from “parliamentary” to “presidential” can take place. In the occupied territories they had applied the specific “governance” system by copying the corresponding system that existed in Turkey, trying to differentiate themselves from the system of governance that has existed in the Republic of Cyprus since 1960.


Tatar will order the formation of a “government” to a “member” of the KEE No result from the Tatar contacts for the formation of a new “government”

The change brought to Turkey by Recep Tayyip Erdogan in order to exercise absolute control over the country was seen as an opportunity to apply something similar to the occupied territories. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.And when something does not change through democratic institutions then the goal can be achieved unorthodoxly by causing chaos. Something that Turkey has been implementing for a long time through its interventions and the provocation of political chaos in the occupied territories. Because behind the impossibility of setting up a “co-operation government” there seems to be another goal which is to create a “presidential system”. & Nbsp;

& gt; & gt; ENDURED JUST FIVE DAYS: Faiz Suzuoglu found himself in the position of “prime minister” but never managed to really function a “government” in the occupied territories. It was clear from the beginning that if he did not act in accordance with Ankara's orders and instructions, he would not be able to stand in his place. And it seems he did not want to believe it. But he experienced it in practice a few days after the last “elections” in the occupied territories. His move not to place Thaksin Ertugrouloglu as “foreign minister” angered Ankara. He forced Suzuoglu to change faces so that Ertugrouloglou could return to his post at the “foreign ministry”. & Nbsp;

Other changes followed, showing that Turkey's goal was different. The last formation presented by Suzuoglu lasted only five days and before it managed to be ratified through the “parliament” of the occupying regime. The Democratic Party and the Renaissance Party (of the settlers) had moved for this development, demanding that Suzuoglu sign a 100-day pact in order to see if they could coexist as a “government”. This he rejected and things were brought before Ersin Tatar again in order to order another person to form a “government” since Faiz Suzuoglu is clearly no longer liked by the Turkish government. & Nbsp;

& gt; & gt; SHOWING TO ANCHOR: In the occupied territories, everyone – whether they admit it or not – realizes that all this unrest is due to the interventions of Turkey. The leader of the left-wing Republican Turkish Party, Tufan Erhurman, recently took care, with a touch of applause, to remind Faiz Suzuoglu (Cyprus/GTP source) that before the “elections” he was the one who turned the Turks around and said he did not want PTK. & Nbsp;

In one of his statements, Erhurman said: “Those who did this were those who knew how to intervene in their own congress and interfere in the presidential election. At the point we have now reached, the intervention process was repeated. The intervention was open. So open that Foreign Minister Thaksin Ertugruloglu told UBP President Faiz Suzuoglu that “Turkey does not want to work with you.” This was written in the press and so far no one has denied it. Therefore, the intervention was officially recorded “.

The chairman of the People's Party, Kutret Ozersay (who also played for a while with Ankara's favor), said it was clear that a game was being played, that a “government model” led by the National Unity Party that has no end his internal party controversies and that a “government” of broad social consensus should be formed by all parties that will not be led by the UBP and will lead the “country” to “early elections”. & nbsp;

RTK “MP” Devrim Barcin threw down the gauntlet to those talking about Ankara's interventions. According to Avrupa (a source close to the incident), Bartsin responded to members of the National Unity Party who had called for a common struggle against the interventions of the Justice and Development Party of Turkey in the political life of the Turkish Cypriots. “Very well! Are you ready, like us, to share with the people in front of the press the intervention of Turkey and the AKP government in Turkey and its interventions to form the 'consensus' government that you say? “.

Of course there are those, like the former leader of the Turkish Cypriots, Dervis Eroglu, who insist that under no circumstances should the relations of the occupying regime with Turkey be disrupted. Indirectly sending the message that they should accept any orders and demands of Ankara and let the issue pass. & Nbsp;

Eroglu, like the majority of those who passed from the positions of “prime minister” and “president” in the occupied territories, under AKP rule in Turkey, were there by Erdogan's personal choice. And they have every reason to remain faithful to the role of sovereignty exercised by Turkey in the occupied part of Cyprus.

And deep down Ertugrouloglou & nbsp;

Regardless of the outcome of Ersin Tatar's contacts with the leaders of the political parties, it seems that in the end the Turkish Cypriots will be led to the polls again. The last “elections” were held on January 23, 2022. Two “governments” were formed that lasted, the first 59 days and the second just five. And this does not seem to have anything to do with the misunderstanding of Turkish Cypriot politicians. & Nbsp;

A new “electoral process” in the occupied territories is very likely and can not be ruled out. Once any “government” is formed it will be on the basis of cooperation and at any time the movement of one or two “deputies” will cause a reversal. & Nbsp;

But beyond the current political situation in the occupied territories what everyone realizes that Ankara has a preference for Thaksin Ertugrouloglu. He has imposed him as “foreign minister” and seems to have better communication with him. & Nbsp;

The question is whether Ankara wants to see Ertugrouloglu as “prime minister” or “president” with expanded powers. This question seems to be answered soon. & Nbsp;

Source: www.philenews.com

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