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Anastasiadis and Mitsotakis will not be able to be released

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Anastasiadis and Mitsotakis will not be able to be released

Imagine being in the position of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis and the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis and listening every day to the anti-Greek statements of the Islamist President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan.

Every day, the two leaders have to deal with the torrent of statements and announcements of the nationalist officials of the occupying power. And in fact at a time when they have agreed to take part in the trap set by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, in Athens and Nicosia, in collaboration with the pro-Greek British and the Turks. Together, the Germans help and support the UN Secretary General and the Turks.

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I am sure that Messrs. Anastasiadis and Mitsotakis are outraged by what they read and hear and come from Ankara. Nevertheless, they chose – and agreed during their meeting in Nicosia – to keep a low profile and to remain consistent in the speech they gave to Guterres and German Chancellor Angela Merkel: that, in other words, they would take part in this Five-Party Conference. , which was set up in a way to save Turkey. In order for our European partners to have an excuse not to impose real sanctions in order to address Turkey's provocation and aggression.

The misfortune of the Europeans is that the Americans will impose other sanctions and they will imagine as they are: helpless little people, pawns of the Turkish President.

The decision of Mr. Anastasiadis and Mr. Mitsotakis to let the aggressive statements of Tayyip Erdogan and his slave associates fall down is respected. But with all due respect, their attitude is completely wrong and they send misunderstood messages to the citizens. It is what we call “one of the thief, two of the thief”. In the end they will be in an extremely unpleasant position and will not be able to be released. And the people, as is well known, do not forgive.

What did the Islamist President of Turkey say for the umpteenth time? What did his clones say, little Erdogan of Turkey? That we must forget all the solutions except the two states. That they will go to the Pentameri to submit this unacceptable and divisive settlement. They do not accept anything else and have already abandoned the pro-Turkish arrangement introduced by Henry Kissinger in 1975, of the bi-zonal bi-communal federation. Which, as you know, is also dichotomous, but also racist.

So they will go to the Pentameri ρή Mevlüt Tsavousoglou will support the creation of two states on the island, and Mr. Anastasiadis and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Nikos Dendias will answer, no, we insist on the bi-zonal bi-communal. And comedy and tragedy. While they could make a brave decision and turn everything upside down and have this little man with the Secretary General running and not catching up. After the Attilas play everything for the “two states”, let Athens and Nicosia respond with the “single state”. And whoever πάρει grace gets. But, with regret, I record it, Mr. Anastasiadis is trapped by corruption and can not take a step.

He is “imprisoned” in decisions for which he is responsible. It can no longer be justified that he is being pressured by DISY's Averof Neophytou with his partner in the Cyprus issue, Andro Kyprianou of AKEL. These two “politicians” have long been convinced by their interlocutors in Turkey of the kind of solution. Of course, if their supporters are asked in independent ballot polls, they will be slapped with their votes. There is no case for the supporters of DISY and AKEL to agree with their leaders. And we will see it in the referendum if we ever reach a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Personally, I blame the President of the Republic of Cyprus, and not the Prime Minister of Greece. You know what the Greek political leadership says when we ask why they follow the current president of the island with their eyes closed. They tell us: Do you want to clash with them and break the front? Excuses for savages. Of course, no one wants Athens in the free zones to play the role of Turkey in the occupied territories. But, because Mr. Anastasiadis and the political leaderships in Cyprus have decided to cede the island to the sphere of influence of Turkey, does the current Greek Prime Minister have to agree with them? Certainly not.

So, based on the statements of Erdogan and his subordinates, Mr. Anastasiadis and Athens should have already sent a brave letter to Antonio Guterres accusing him of allowing Erdogan to set the Pentamer agenda on his behalf. And secondly, they must emphasize to him that under these circumstances, the Pentameris had already been blown up.

If they take part in the Pentagon and Turkey is allowed to change the framework of the solution, they will have dealt a strong blow to the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus. Is that what they want?

HYSTEROGRAPH: The attacks of the supporters of “any solution” – the so-called orphans of the pro-Turkish Annan plan and the “mylords” – against those who do not agree with their expressed position to hand over Cyprus to Turkey's sphere of influence, are infamous the extreme right of ELAM. They are cowards at the same time. And this was evident from the speed with which they “downloaded” for the second consecutive week, from the social networks, their unacceptable and false claims. The “fake news” they produce must be dealt with by Justice. “Clear sky lightning is not afraid”…

HYSTEROGRAPH II: I wrote last Sunday that the “mobility” of the far-right ELAM is worrying. I continue to study his activities and the mobility of his executives in view of the Cypriot parliamentary elections. I also spoke with a serious “meter” of trends and the extreme, but justified, irritation of public opinion with the political system of Cyprus. I am afraid that the far-right ELAM will receive the indignation and frustration of the citizens for the corruption of the political and economic actors. Unfortunately, many people think that this party is “clean”, always talking about corruption. But their extremist ideas, their unbridled nationalism, and their relationship to the Nazi Golden Dawn are the same and worse than corruption. ELAM should not emerge victorious from the polls. After all, it finally proves at every opportunity that it is the key to the government of Nikos Anastasiadis, who is accused of facilitating – if not winning – corruption. And when I say “if he did not win” I imply what everyone understands.

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