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Anastasiadis appeals to leaders not to collapse the state

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Anastasiadis appeals to leaders not to collapse the state

“The state must not collapse” was the appeal of President Anastasiadis to the political leadership during today's special session in an effort to secure the necessary majority in order to approve the state budget in the near future.

Addressing the political leadership, the President of the Republic stated that the state should not be allowed to collapse in the midst of a pandemic. In his speech, President Anastasiadis referred to the measures that will be taken at the base and the suggestions presented by parties in meetings he had with them. It is noted that President Anastasiadis saw all the parties except DIKO.

According to our information, the changes in the budget that will be submitted by the Minister of Finance will be the following:

Economy support programs (employees and companies) – increase of € 90 million. Minimum salary – briefing by the Ministry. Labor Heavy occupations and pension – information from the Ministry. Labor Minimum pension for low-income people Housing policy – new plan for 134 communities (mountainous) for increased support for home acquisition Plan for the revitalization of mountainous areas (sponsorship doubled in 2018). Now there will be a further increase Mountain areas – heating allowance (abolished, new mountain resident allowance returned in 2018) Arbitrary real estate – exemption from the building factor. Compensation will be paid (appropriations included in the 2021 budget) Health sector support – the budget of the Ministry of Health amounts to 10% of the budget. Additional projects € 78.5 million – programs and investments (hematology clinic, support of Makareio hospital, creation of a contagious disease unit in Limassol) Support for children / infants / workers with care centers Renewable energy and national recovery plan. New EU Funds for installation of photovoltaics in homes through the recovery fund.

Regarding the banking sector, the decisions are as follows:

non-repatriation of the suspension of sales until March

Babula for the government is the upcoming evaluation by Moody's, which is expected to take place on January 22. The government side tried, according to our information, to transfer to the political leadership the risk of degradation of the Cypriot economy in case the revised state budget is not voted.

Source: www.philenews.com

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