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Anastasiadis: “The Ombudsman” bill is created – OSAK sponsorship increases

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The President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis on the occasion of the European Day of Patients 'Rights met with a Delegation of the Federation of Patients' Associations of Cyprus (OSAK) in the presence of the Minister of Health.

President Anastasiadis reiterated his determination the smooth operation of the GESS based on the philosophy that was institutionalized, ensuring the benefits to society as a whole from the greatest social reform ever implemented in Cyprus.

The representatives of OSAK expressed their satisfaction for the manipulations of President Anastasiadis which are aimed at preserving the GESS.

The President of the Republic informed that the bill “The Patient's Advocate”, which is created for the best will be submitted to the House of Representatives in the coming weeks.

OSAK was informed of the decision of the Ministry of Health to proceed with the creation of an application (application) which will give the patient the right to express the degree of satisfaction for the provided care and health services within the GESS. The adoption of the application will also enable the detection of system abuse. The mentioned application will be personalized and will have the possibility of interconnecting the personal data of the user with the software of the GESS platform.

The President of the Republic approved the request for increase of the annual sponsorship of OSAK while it will be studied their request for state financial assistance for the renovation of their building infrastructure.

Source: politis.com.cy

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