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And now what do we do with gold passports? “Scissors” from Europe

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The Investment Program of Cyprus has finally and irrevocably ended, a competent source told “Politis” from whom we asked to know where this case is in practice – not just at the level of declarations – after the discussion of the issue on Monday and Tuesday in the European Parliament but also the explicit position of the Commission before the plenary of this House that it will review the system by which Member States handle the issues of passports and visas to third-country nationals.

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The issue was reopened in the European Parliament under the weight of developments in Ukraine but also the very difficult position in which the European Union found itself due to the acquisition of European passports by Russian oligarchs, as well as the degree of dependence of European economies on their interests. Of course, Cyprus was not the only country that was and still is the subject of the discussion, Nicosia, due to the special and close relationship with Moscow but also the way things turned out with its investment program and the scandals that were connected. with this, it figures together with Malta – and less Bulgaria – at the top of the most exposed, in all respects, states.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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