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“And Omonia had bad results, they did not lose their faith”

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Apollon coach Giannis Petrakis said a lot after his team's victory over the Union. The Greek coach spoke about the pressure on the blues, due to the fact that he has been celebrating the championship for years.

For the game with the Union: “We made a very great, important and difficult victory. I want to say a thumbs up to the players for the effort and the very good image throughout the game. We made one of the most convincing appearances with a team playing back. We created several conditions and opportunities to score goals. The players really deserve a thumbs up. The game is over for us, from tomorrow our minds are in the playoffs “.

For the premiere in the playoffs against Anorthosis: “I am in my first year in the Cypriot championship. No game is easy with any opponent, especially now in the playoffs which are the top six. All games will have a high degree of difficulty. We will calmly watch the games one by one and we will work hard “.

For the fact that there seemed to be a confusion in the midfield: “Do not forget that our team has several years to win the championship. There is an accumulated pressure. It creates a pressure on those who are called to take the chestnuts out of the fire, that is, the players. We did have some hasty efforts. “

The excuse for accumulated pressure and the two months without two consecutive victories: “In this pressure that is given because the team is big, comes the agony of the one who has been trying for years to win something. All the teams are under pressure, all of them will aim for the championship except Olympiakos. Our scoring harvest is very unfair based on our image while I am here. We should have more points. This is what happens in football. We deserve more things. I do not want to look for excuses why this may have happened. In combination with the racing problems, it has been difficult for us to make a series. But that does not change what I really believe and in the end we will take stock. “

The world of Apollo wants the title: “In my life I do not judge from the moments, I judge in time. A bad moment, a bad appearance does not affect my point of view. I do not like to say 'will'. Do you think that I do not know what the goal is?

Asked if there seems to be no work on goals: “And the goals scored by the top scorers, were they made without work? That is, in the previous days they worked and now they do not work? You should know that in world football, all goals are scored and everything is lost. This does not apply to small or large level players, it applies to all players. No team can be an exception to this, not even mine. I refuse to nullify and judge from the moment. I know that bad times will come, we are not Barcelona. The important thing is to believe the players. No, we played a good game and we are Barcelona and then we play a bad game and we do not deserve it. I believe it, I have faith… One will win the championship. “Omonia 4-5 months ago also had continuous bad results, but they did not lose their faith and self-confidence”.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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