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And what is his fault?

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 Και τι φταΙει α ;υτoς;

It is unfair, for Chetil Rekdal, what is happening in Omonia.

The atmosphere in the clover, which was bad because of the team's run and the weaknesses of the roster, became even worse after the decision to remove Sofronis Augustis as he found against a very large portion of the fans of the greens. And with everyone in the spotlight (Papastavrou, Grigori, Jansson, Tarapoulouzis), in the company of those “listening” through social media and in the various like-minded “hangouts”, the Norwegian new coach entered, for no reason.< /p>

There are many who, in their attempt to defend the former coach (or at least to “prove” that the decision to “divorce” was wrong) or to find an excuse to push the administration, mess with the new one. Degrading him, reducing him and predestining him to fail. Some seem like they almost… want it to fail (!) in order to vindicate themselves.

Reckdal came to Cyprus taking on a very difficult mission. To lead Omonia of -7, to win the championship. If some consider this goal already lost, it is not the Norwegian's fault. Beyond that, there are other things to claim. European ticket, cup win. In order for the new coach to succeed in any of the above, he will need support. Isn't it a shame to be “sentenced” from now on? And why; Because the world has problems with those who chose him, what is his fault for… listening to them?

On the other hand, not having “filled” the eye because of a CV is understandable, but it is no reason for some to treat him as… an enemy of the group.

Moreover, the CV alone does not predict either failures or successes. Many of the coaches who stood out in the last decade in Cyprus had not done much before coming to the island. Not even Henning Berg was… used to trophies (he had won one league and one cup with Legia in a 14-year career before Omonia), let alone Thomas Christiansen, Immanuel Idiaketh, Aleksei Spilevski, even David Gaiego who came this year from N' Spain and the Anorthosians drink water in his name. If nothing else, the Norwegian comes from a relatively higher “shelf” (even if Rosenborg is not at her best).

We are not saying that Reckdal will succeed. It can also turn out to be a bad choice. At this moment, however, this treatment that is received by many does not deserve it. Any criticism of the administration and the technical director, no matter how justified it is, has no reason to “touch” the Norwegian. At least not at this stage.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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