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And yet Kougias did the same! He wants an examination of Dimitris Lignadis with the alleged victim

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And yet Kougias did the same! He wants an examination of Dimitris Lignadis with the alleged victim

The lawyer of the actor and director, Alexis Kougias, requests an examination of Dimitris Lignadis with the alleged rapist, Alexis Kougias, whose office submitted the corresponding request to the investigator.

The announcement in detail:

“As is known from the defense positions of Mr. Dimitrios Lignadis published so far, our client disputes the truth of all the allegations against him and has provided solid evidence, but also asked for the examination of highly credible witnesses, who were examined by the Ms. Investigator. The above are evidence, which in the usual processing, which are required to do Prosecutors and Judges, “literally demolish” the accusation.

In order to further support the innocence of the accused, associates of our office today submitted to Ms. Anakriti, regarding the act allegedly committed by our client on 8.8.2015, a request: our client with the alleged rapist, who to date has neither revealed nor been asked to describe the hotel in Epidaurus, where our client allegedly raped him (this is the description of his alleged rape) and in which suite this hitherto unknown hotel did this act.

It should be noted that in a survey that our office has done so far in all the hotels in the area of Epidaurus, Mr. Lignadis did not stay in any of them on 8.8.2015.
If the alleged rapist, even belatedly, indicates which hotel it was, in which the alleged acts took place, it is self-evident that we will ask the hotel officials and employees to be examined as witnesses, a pre-investigation and investigative act that should have already been carried out , but also to ask the police for the statements of all the persons who spent the night on that date in any hotel in the area that may be indicated.

Due to the very seriousness of the case, our law firm will make public any legal procedural action, which we ask the Court to carry out, and for this reason we will inform you of the content of our above request “.


Source: politis.com.cy

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