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Andreas Andreou – Dimitris Tsiropoulos: Green entrepreneurship is urgent

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Interview with Andreas Andreou (CCCI) and Dimitris Tsiropoulos (CIIM) for the Green Entrepreneurship Observatory.

On the occasion of the recent signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) and the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM), to create a framework for joint cooperation, with the ultimate goal of promoting green entrepreneurship, for the benefit of Cypriot companies and society, we publish today a joint interview of the Director of Industrial Development, Innovation and Environment, the CCCI, Andreas Andreou and the Director of CIIM, Bioeconomia Center, Dimitris Tsiropoulos. They talk about the importance of the agreement and the role that the Green Entrepreneurship Observatory can play in society, in conditions of climate crisis.

What is Green Entrepreneurship? & Nbsp ;

AA: The green economy is an economic model that promotes and pursues sustainable and profitable growth, seeking situations that create economic, social and environmental benefits. Thus, the green economy argues that social prosperity can be achieved while reducing environmental risks and ecological threats. For this reason, the green economy is a long-term vision, in which companies, markets and investors are committed to sustainable growth that guarantees long-term profitability.

Green entrepreneurship is the form of economic activity that puts the protection of the environment and nature at the heart of its strategy, along with the other economic and consumer aspirations of each business.

Green Growth is a continuous process of change and holistic adaptation and not a static state. It aims to meet the needs of the present, but without reducing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, through the balanced and equal pursuit of all three pillars of Sustainable Development: “Economy – Environment – Society” and Bio-economy.

What are the benefits of a Green Business? & Nbsp;

DT: In addition to respect for the environment, corporate social responsibility and the implementation of environmental legislation, the application of green business methods has a direct impact on the finances of each company, since the use of good practices, procedures and tools in energy management , water, building installations, production methods, rational management of natural resources and raw materials, will lead to significant reductions in the operating and production costs of the company. At the same time, new trade agreements are being created with the marketing of the product on the “green markets”, since the consumer trend towards green products and services is now strong and growing. Also, a green company will be able to take advantage of the incentives provided by the state and the European Union, but also of funding, both from public resources and from private investors, who are becoming increasingly sensitive to issues of sustainability and sustainable entrepreneurship.

How did the idea for the Green Entrepreneurship Observatory come about? & nbsp;

The Green and Digital Entrepreneurship Observatory is an innovative initiative of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) and the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). The partnership between CCCI and CIIM comes to meet a modern need of the Cypriot market. Through its actions and initiatives, it will strengthen the skills of Cypriot companies, in order to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities arising from green entrepreneurship and the integration of sustainable development practices in their business strategy.

The CCCI is the organization of Cypriot businessmen and in addition to offering a wide range of services to them, it promotes the views and positions of the business world in the executive and legislative power. Its main goal is the continuous development and modernization of the way businesses operate.

CIIM is an educational institution that firmly believes in the inextricable link between academic knowledge and the professional community it effectively serves. & Nbsp;

The CIIM Bioeconomia Center was created in order to support businesses/organizations and local authorities, offering them comprehensive support, in the context of Sustainable and Sustainable Development and the substantial transition to the Green Economy, as well as the development of business Mountain. The Observatory is created in order to actively support businesses, integrating and consolidating them properly in the market, offering them comprehensive financial and advisory support in the context of sustainable and sustainable development and the effective transition to a Green and Digital Economy. Among its priorities is the development of business Mountaineering.

What are the goals of the Observatory? & Nbsp;

DT: In this context, the Observatory of Green and Digital Economy, aspires to be a platform of information, knowledge and training for Cypriot companies on the issues of green growth and entrepreneurship. It will offer specialized and practical tools and methodologies, in order to actively contribute to the upgrading and empowerment of companies, in order to make them more competitive, innovative, extroverted and dynamic at European and international level. It will carry out surveys to capture the pulse of the Cypriot market and the readiness of companies.

The ultimate goal of the Observatory is to strengthen the skills, to differentiate the traditional way of operating companies but also to network them with companies, agencies and organizations at national, European and international level.

How easy is it for a business to move to the Green Economy? & nbsp;

DT: The transition to green entrepreneurship should be done with a systematic, technocratic and recorded plan and plan. It's not a simple process, nor is it a low cost process. & Nbsp; & nbsp; It is a holistic process that touches on a wide range of activities within each company, which requires commitment on the part of traffickers and employees. A major factor in success is changing the business culture of both the entrepreneur and the company's human resources.

The impact of strategic changes in all operational stages and fields, from infrastructure, internal interdepartmental and production processes, product marketing, communication policy and marketing strategy, selection of external partners and especially suppliers, will be something more drastic and demanding.

Therefore, the green business plan should be implemented and adhered to with absolute discipline, dedication and commitment, in the audit process towards the green transition.

The key steps are the following:

· Initial Internal Evaluation and Diagnosis of the company, in relation to Green Entrepreneurship

· Measurement and analysis of indicators, of the current operation of the company.

· Writing a green business plan.

Are there incentives and grants for the business transition to the Green Economy?

AA: The financing of a company is a decisive factor for its substantial shift towards the implementation of green entrepreneurship plans. Significant national and community programs are offered to the business community mainly through the Recovery and Sustainability Fund that aim to enhance green & nbsp; Orientation of business operation and development.

The Observatory will systematically inform the business community about these tools, as well as receive business requests and information requests.

< p> What are the pillars of the Observatory

AA: The Green and Digital Entrepreneurship Observatory operates in three main areas:

1. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Information node & nbsp;

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; national and local research on sustainable development and green entrepreneurship: & nbsp;


· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Thematic and Sectoral Analyzes

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; conferences and workshops

· & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; establishment of the institution of GREEN AND DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARDS

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; compiling newsletters and reports with an overview of elaborate positions, policies and trends

2. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Education

Academy of Green and Digital Entrepreneurship & nbsp;

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; specialized, certified training seminars

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Academy webinars, on a 24-month basis

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; specialized industry training

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; creating interactive and innovative tools such as practical business training guides

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; specialized services focused on green entrepreneurship and Sustainability

3. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Participation in Financing and European Programs

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; support for participation in European, national programs and other financial instruments

· & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; digital information platform on the potential funding opportunities and opportunities presented by European and national programs.

* For more information but also to express their interest in becoming a member of the Observatory, so to have continuous and targeted support, Cypriot companies can contact the CCCI Andreas Andreou, at tel. 22889860, e-mail: & nbsp; andand@ccci.org.cy or at CIIM, Mr. Dimitris Tsiropoulos, 22-462246, email: manager @ bio- economia.org.

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