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Andros answers Kotzias about his removal

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Andros answers Kotzias about his removal

AKEL responds, in a written statement, to the reports of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Nikos Kotzias, in an interview with “F”, where he claims that the General Secretary of AKEL, Andros Kypianou refuses to deny the truth, that is, that “Before the end of the negotiations in Geneva, he asked the former Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, to remove him from the post of Foreign Minister.”

AKEL's answer to Nikos Kotzias follows:

“Unfortunately, Mr. Kotzias insists on coming back with allegations which, in order to prove them, he plays with countries, cities, people and their reputations.

The Secretary General never met Mr. Tsipras in Athens with Mr. Katrougalos to request the resignation of Mr. Kotzias. Let Mr. Katrougalos be asked about this, instead of Mr. Kotzias constantly coming back asking for questions, answers and spectacles again and again.

Finally, for the record, the first to put on the negotiating table the issue of the abolition of guarantees, which is AKEL's timeless position, was Dimitris Christofias “.

What Nikos Kotzias said in the interview:

“The secretary general of AKEL avoids, like the devil, incense to deny the essence, that, that is, he asked Tsipras to remove me from the position of Greek Foreign Minister. It bothered him that I raised the issue of guarantees and possession. It was rumored in Geneva that my policy did not reflect the Greek government. Why did he do it? He knows.

In the book, and in fact in a footnote – and in it by the way – I mention that he made this blow to Tsipras “accompanied by Katrougalos” before even “the end of the negotiations in Geneva”. He claims that he had never seen Katrougalos before 2019 when he became a minister, which is obviously not true. Katrougalos was in Geneva as Greek Deputy Foreign Minister and met with Kalpadakis there.

The main false argument of the secretary general of AKEL, in order to avoid the truth, is that he did not go to Athens after Geneva as soon as I write. But nowhere in the book is it said that he went to Athens to have a conversation. He sets up false information in order to “defeat” it himself. The book clearly notes that this happened “before the end of the negotiations in Geneva”. “There are people who are bothered by the truth, but not by provocative actions.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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