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Andros Kyprianou officially hands over the baton

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Andros Kyprianou officially hands over the baton

Frixos Dalitis

Andros Kyprianou reveals his decision not to reclaim the position of AKEL secretary general to “F”, stating that this decision was taken by him before the elections. As he states, he had already announced it to his close associates, informing them that he would not continue regardless of the election result. Andros Kyprianou analyzes the reasons for his decision and talks about his successor in the party leadership, in a big interview that will be published on Sunday.

The secretary general stated characteristically that it is logical that as AKEL they operate collectively and no one decides on his own. Everything, he says, is decided after discussions in the bodies and a decision is reached. “Beyond that, however, I believe that each of us has his own responsibility. I, as the first among equals, have my own responsibilities “he declares, clarifying that at the next Congress he will not reclaim the position of secretary general. At the same time, he emphasizes that his decision not to reclaim the position of AKEL secretary general, does not mean in any case that he will leave AKEL, or the job of the front line.


The way of succession has been opened in AKEL The names they throw in the bazaar for Speaker of Parliament

The clearing of the landscape now officially opens the way for the succession to the party of the Left, whose procedures began to run, with the meeting on Wednesday of the Politburo of the party and tomorrow of the Central Committee. In the context of the discussion of the collective organs of the party, an overall assessment of the election results of Sunday is made for the reasons and the causes of the electoral failure and the reduction of the percentages.

The next stage, the dialogue in the party base groups and in the provincial committees, which has already begun. The whole process will be completed at the party's Pancyprian Congress, which is set for July 2nd to 4th, during which the electoral process will take place. After the new members of the Central Committee of the party are elected, the procedure for the election of the new secretary general of the party will follow. According to the party's statutes, any member of the Central Committee can run for the post of party secretary general. The names of Stefanos Stefanos and George Loukaidis have been circulating for a long time. Beyond that, no one can predict how the process will develop, and whether there will eventually be any other candidacy for the party leadership.

Changes of persons are expected to take place at the level of Secretariat and Politburo.

Source: www.philenews.com

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