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Anger over the image of an elderly woman on a sidewalk at a bus stop – The Minister responds. Transportation

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    The photo with the two women in… non-existent bus stop in Paphos – What does the woman who took the photo say &#8211? The position of the Minister of Transport

    Shallow is caused by the photo circulating on the internet depicting an elderly woman lying on the pavement in a central street of Paphos waiting – apparently – for the bus and another one sitting under a tree.

    Speaking on the show “Information Now” the Minister of Transport Alexis Vafeadis said that “it is not disputed the authenticityof the photograph”. He also added that “the specific road was recently renovated, the project is urban planning, implemented by the Municipality of Paphos and it does not include the bus stops, stressing at the same time that “the bus stops were an obligation of the Municipality of Paphos which subsequently did not implemented and to implement it an amount has been included in the contract signed for an action of 65 million for the bus stops”. However, as he noted, “we will start to see new bus stops from July”.

    Mr. Vafeadis also noted that the Ministry subsidizes the installation of stops, however they are managed by the Municipalities and communities.

    The woman who took the specific photo also spoke on the show, stating, among other things, that “it was not my intention to target someone but to do something, I think we missed the essence of things. It is not the first time, it is everyday phenomenon” he said.

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