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Anita “played” with the powerful team – She gave a political dimension to her speech

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«Επαιξε» με την δυνατor ομàδα η Αννiτα – Eδωσε πολι&tau

There were two snapshots of the session of the DISY Supreme Council, with one certainly standing out.

Of course, it was none other than the moment with which the solemn session of the Supreme Council closed, with Nikos Anastasiadis and Averof Neophytou on stage together with the candidates for MEPs and the leadership of the party and greeting the members. There was of course an embarrassment and the two of them were certainly not standing next to each other, but their joint presence on stage alone was a positive image with which yesterday's party session closed. The second snapshot was certainly the presence of Vangelis Meimarakis,of the MEP of New Democracy, who took it upon himself to invite the president of the party Annita Dimitriou to the podium for her speech which closed the conference. “You have a very worthy president of the new generation,” he said.

«Επαιξε» με την δυνατor ομàδα η Αννiτα – Eδωσε πολι&tau

Political speech

Annita Dimitriou chose to make a speech which for the first time had a strong political stigma, in relation to the political directions of the Democratic Alarm, i.e. the clear western orientation of the party

He made sure to send messages in various directions, inside and outside the party. He spoke about the developments in the Cyprus issue and the positive development with the appointment of the UN Secretary-General's envoy and conveyed to the President the need for more regular information within the framework of the National Council. She directed her fire towards AKEL and also towards the extreme right, dividing the position of DISYand highlighting the party's ideological differences and at the same time gave a clear political stamp to the party's foreign policy with references to Ukraine and Hamas.

«Επαιξε» με την δυν&alpha ;τor ομaδα η Αννiτα – Eδωσε πολιτικo &sigma ;τλγμα στην ομιλλα της

Regarding the elections, Annita Dimitriou chose to put forward the party's strong group of candidates, stating how “we must send the best to Europe”. He even mentioned by name the six candidates who were approved by the Supreme Council yesterday. Christos Angelidis, Christiana Xenophontos Kontantinos Petridis, Eleni Stavrou, Loukas Fourlas and Michalis Hatzipandelas I officially received the anointing.

The president of DISY spoke about the electoral goal of maintaining the party's primacy but also about the unity that must prevail, inviting everyone to give the new leadership a chance to work.

“We can and must let the Democratic Alarm remain the first and leading force of the country. DISY is proposing today the strongest team for a strong Cyprus in Europe. We must send to Europe the best representatives. Who will effectively defend the interests of our fellow citizens and the rights of our Cyprus”, he said and added how, “the Democratic Alarm must, as the greatest force of stability of the place, to remain strong. Because this is what the good of our country dictates”.

Closing her speech, Annita Dimitriou noted how “in the face of great challenges, it is time to put forward the unity of all our forces in order to achieve optimal results both in the European elections as well as in the Local Government elections”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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