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Annita Dimitriou, elected by DISY for Speaker of Parliament

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Annita Dimitriou, elected by DISY for Speaker of Parliament


The candidacy of Annita Dimitriou on behalf of DISY, for the presidency of the House of Representatives, was announced by the President of the party, Averof Neophytou, during a press conference. This is a unanimous decision of the Politburo of the party.

Mr. Neophytou stated that Ms. Dimitriou can worthily symbolize the new era in Parliament as well, but for the sake of the place, he called on all parties to contribute to the election of the first woman Speaker of Parliament.

This is the statement of Averof Neophytou

Annita Dimitriou, elected by DISY for Speaker of Parliament

“The Presidency of the Parliament is a very important institution of the Republic, both symbolically and substantially. Not only does he direct the work of the House but he also replaces the President of the Republic.

The political system must take the expectations of the citizens seriously. Clear conversations, clear sentences, clean faces, away from transactions and bargains.

The democratic right of each party to claim the Presidency of the Parliament is absolutely respected. The same is respected and logical that this applies to the largest party in Parliament.

The Democratic Alarm will have its own candidacy for the position of Speaker of Parliament until the end.

This is a choice with strong symbolism. An option that has all the conditions to be voted by the vast majority of parliament.

Since the founding of the Republic of Cyprus, there has been no female Speaker of Parliament, although 50% of the electorate are women. In the recent elections, only 8 women have been elected to parliament. So it's time for us all to break another stereotype.

Annita Dimitriou, elected by DISY for Speaker of Parliament

The Democratic Alarm nominates Ms. Annita Dimitriou for the position of Speaker of Parliament. Twice first Larnaca MP and first Pancyprian in percentage of votes. A young woman, capable of parliament, whose diligence, composition and ethos are unquestionable.

Ms. Annita Dimitriou can worthily symbolize the new era in Parliament and be a model for greater representation of women in public.

I call on all parties to make a positive contribution to the election of the first woman Speaker of the Cypriot Parliament, showing that our political system listens to the messages of the times and changes with actions “.

Who is Annita Dimitriou?

Annita Dimitriou was born in Troullos on October 18, 1985. She studied social and political sciences at the University of Cyprus. He then earned a master's degree in international relations and European studies from the University of Kent.

In the 2011 municipal elections, he was elected community councilor in Troullos with DISY. She was the first woman to be elected to this position. He was secretary of the local committee DISY Troullon in the period 2013-2015. In addition, she was the financial manager of DISY Larnaca in the period 2014-2016.

On April 5, 2016, in DISY's internal party elections for the selection of candidates who would make up the party ballot for the 2016 Parliamentary Elections, Annita Dimitriou was elected as the party's candidate (based on the party's statutes, women must be included in the ballot and was the only woman to run for office). However, at the DISY Politburo meeting that followed, after being pressured by the party leadership, she was forced to withdraw her candidacy. This development provoked several reactions inside and outside DISY, with the President of the party, Averof Neophytou, finally revoking his decision and giving it the right to run as a candidate. In the elections, he was elected MP in the Larnaca Constituency with DISY for the PPC Parliamentary Term.

As an MP, she has been a member of Parliament and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Equal Opportunities between Men and Women, the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Culture, the Parliamentary Committee on Monitoring Development Plans and the Control of Public Expenditure and the Commonwealth.

In February 2020, he was elected vice president of DISY.

In the elections of May 30, 2021, Annita Dimitriou was re-elected, first in crosses of preference in the province of Larnaca.

She is married to Andreas Kyprianou.

Source: www.philenews.com

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