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Annita Dimitriou: Farewell to EOKA competitor Maritsa Karaoli (Photo)

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ΑννΙτα ΔημητρΙου: Αποχιρ εηναγωρια ΕΟΚρ Ιτσα Καραολor (Φoτο)

“Her courage is enviable. Her contribution is priceless”

At the age of 95, the EOKA fighter and wife of Andreas Karaolis, Maritsa, passed away.

The news of her death became known through social media where well-known political figures say goodbye to her with posts.

Among them is the President of the Parliament, Annita Dimitriouwho wanted to say goodbye published a photo of them together, accompanying it with a tender text.

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Specifically he wrote: “Model of resistance and struggle. An example to be emulated and a timeless symbol of the desire for freedom, who at the risk of her life turned her house into a hideout and gave shelter to Grigoris Auxentiou and other EOKA fighters during the 1955-59 liberation struggle.

Her courage is enviable. Her offer is invaluable. Her principles, values ​​and ideal teaching to all of us.

May your memory be eternal Maritsa Karaoli. We owe you a lot. Sincere condolences to her loved ones.”

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Αννиτα Δημητρου: Αποχαιρεττην αγων σρια ΕΚΑ Καολ (Φoτο)

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