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Annita Dimitriou: Initiatives for integration of the disabled in Cyprus

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Annita Dimitriou: Initiatives for integration of the disabled in Cyprus

The Speaker of Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, pledged to take initiatives in all directions, with the ultimate goal of achieving fuller social integration and safe and dignified living for the disabled in Cyprus.

It also took the initiative to organize a day and / or other awareness-raising event under the auspices of the House of Representatives on the occasion of World Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is celebrated annually on 3 December, a day on which the UN General Assembly adopted the Action Plan for People with Disabilities.

Ms. Dimitriou, according to an announcement by the Parliament, met on Monday with the President and members of the Cyprus Paraplegics Organization (OPAK) during which she was widely informed about the issues that concern people with disabilities.

These issues need to be promoted and resolved, either through specific legislative initiatives or through interventions with the executive, in order to ensure the free and unhindered access of these individuals to all areas and to establish effective mechanisms for the prevention and imposition of sanctions where applicable. for all those who are illegal and conscientiously ignore and / or disregard the rights of people with disabilities.

The Speaker of the Parliament pointed out the urgent need to raise public awareness through appropriate actions in relation to the major accessibility problems faced by people with disabilities, as well as through the cultivation of the necessary culture of respect for the rights of these people, who stressed starts from school age.

The representatives of OPAK stressed in particular that people with disabilities are faced daily with major problems of accessibility to buildings not licensed for specific uses, which also do not meet the minimum accessibility requirements of the relevant regulation.

They also referred to the great problems they face in securing the necessary care, due to the serious shortages of qualified qualified caregivers, and suggested the introduction of insurance safeguards in relation to foreigners from third countries, who, in abuse of the system, enter the Republic for care. People with disabilities, however, leave their jobs at the first opportunity, causing serious problems for people with disabilities and their families.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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