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Annita Dimitriou: June 9 is not just an election contest, it is a big double bet

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    DISY is ahead with solutions to citizens' problems, said A. Dimitriou

    DISY will be the refuge of the citizens, will come forward with solutions to the problems that concern them and will stand up against dangerous, for the place, populist approaches, wherever and however they come from, he said on Saturday from his platform Pre-Election and Statutory Congress of NEDISYthe President of the party, Annita Dimitriou, stating that June 9 is not just an election contest, but the day when DISY is called upon to put its stamp on the history of the country.

    < p>Ms. Dimitriou invited the youth to work hard, with their voice “to be heard everywhere, since every conversation, every message, every meeting, is a step closer to victory”, in order to add how “June 9 is not just an electoral contest” and that “it is a big double bet, with the stake being even higher, since it is the day when we are called, you yourselves are called, to put your stamp in the history of our country”.

    He further stated that “it does not raise any oligarchy and any inactivity” and that they must let the people of DISY understand what they have in front of them.

    According to the President of DISY, “the strongest guarantee for a promising and better tomorrow is to ensure that the Democratic Alarm will remain the leading force of the country, since there is no other way, there is no other option”, to add that she knows the work done by the youth, with indisputable proof of their active participation being the large number of young people who fill the DISY ballots.

    Continuing, Annita Dimitriou said that “only the Democratic Alarm believed in, took the lead and made our European future a reality”, stating that it will continue to vigorously claim and co-shape policies and strategies, building the Europe it envisions.

    “We want the European Union to lead by guarding democracy. To take care of its citizens while ensuring a green and digital future. Na is competitive, providing opportunities for its young men and women. To reverse brain drain into brain gain. We claim a united and strong Europe that can strengthen the feeling of security in its citizens. To stand as a bulwark against the erosion attempted by the anti-democratic forces of extremism, intolerance and misinformation,” he added.

    He went on to say that an end must be put to “pseudonyms and cheap philandering” and added that “Cyprus today can collectively faces international challenges as an equal member of a strong alliance of states, to have valuable economic and social support through the Recovery and Resilience Fund, to claim the application of the European acquis to our national issue, to discuss the establishment of a unified European defense policy, to demand the help of its partners in immigration, because DISY took the lead in all of this and continues to take the lead”.

    “This is not the time to let our people, the proud Alarmists, our fellow citizens fall into the trap of the protest vote. We understand the emotions, but the stakes are beyond us. We receive the message every day. At the ballot box, however, it will be interpreted in a way that no one wants, as AKEL's justification for its choices”, he said.

    Annita Dimitriou said that any attempt must be prevented, which becomes the vehicle for to bring them back in times that everyone wants to forget, to emphasize that “a vote for the extreme right is a vote that entraps, it is the great trap, that will bring back to the place the red flags flying, those that painted the country with the color of economic disaster and they pushed it into destitution”.

    In relation to the Local Government elections, he said that DISY will choose its “tested and clean candidates”, to then wonder if it will are chosen “capable people who have proven that they believe in this great reform and can lead in its implementation, can represent Cyprus in the international political scene, as it deserves” or if they will choose “the covert supposedly independent candidacies, choices of the left”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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