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Annita Dimitriou: The goal is to exert international pressure in Turkey to determine fate …

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A clear message to the relatives of the missing, that & nbsp; will not stop for a moment and at every opportunity to raise & nbsp; the issue of determining the fate of each of the missing, & nbsp; in all meetings with her counterparts & nbsp; and other foreign officials aimed at The exercise of international pressure in Turkey, through information and awareness of the peoples, was sent by the Speaker of the Parliament Annita Dimitriou on Monday, speaking at the event for the & nbsp; Mother of the Missing, which took place at the & nbsp; Tomb & nbsp; Makedonitissa. & nbsp

Despite Ankara's criminally reluctant and provocatively indifferent attitude towards a series of UN and Council of Europe resolutions, as well as a series of European Court of Human Rights rulings, the incessant and persistent struggles of relatives of missing persons have led to progress has been made in many areas, he said.

The Speaker of Parliament added that the & nbsp; of the struggles of the relatives, stating that to date a significant number of exhumations have taken place within the zones of the occupying power, which resulted in the identification and return of bones to relatives.

The Speaker of Parliament, referring to the inconceivable, as he said, a tragedy experienced by the missing persons, paid a & nbsp; tribute to all the mothers of the 1974 tragedy, many of whom left in pain, relieved by the grief of the loss on their lips.

“At the same time, we pay tribute to the mothers of the world who continue to stare at the horizon in the hope of a slight whisper of existence, “he concluded.

Source: www.philenews.com

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