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Annita Dimitriou's first speech as Speaker of Parliament: “Every person should not hesitate to dream that he can change the world”

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The first speech of Annita Dimitriou as Speaker of Parliament:

I feel grateful and honored. The reality is that such an opportunity / possibility never crossed my mind, not even as an idea, but I always believed that the time had come for opportunities and choices to be given so that we could all pave the way for justice, equality, consent. I am currently thinking about all the efforts that have been made so far to improve the institution we serve, I am thinking strongly about the devaluation that exists towards politics and politicians and how we will reduce this gap, I am thinking about the great responsibility we have as elected representatives of the Cypriot people to operate with objectivity, impartiality and cooperation, building the Cyprus of tomorrow, the Cyprus we deserve. I also think strongly that now more than ever the need to defend democracy, institutions, our institution within and from our very attitude towards life becomes necessary and when I say attitude towards life I also mean our choices and attitudes. After all, we must never forget that democracy has never existed and is not a given and through such analogous values or choices as the presidency of the Parliament we need to understand the dangers that lie ahead if we do not serve the institution properly, as expected by us. citizens and change images and representations that hurt and disappointed. Let us keep in mind that democracy is an act. It is not guaranteed and we must have the will to protect it. He wants sacrifices, deeds' (Kamala Harris). Only in this way will we shape the future we deserve with the fellow citizens in this effort. Ladies and Gentlemen, I undertake the function of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus with a deep sense of responsibility. The responsibility falls on the representatives of the citizens who have been elected through a peculiar and difficult electoral process after an unprecedented pandemic and who are now called upon more than ever to restore their lost credibility. I am fully aware of the weight of the responsibilities I take on. Responsibilities that I am ready to fulfill in full with the cooperation and help of all Members. But first let me thank the Democratic Alarm, my second family, who recognized in a new politician the perspective and symbolism that befits the modern facts of our time, a perspective that I strongly believe we can no longer ignore. but it is imperative that we count it in every step and decision, to understand the wider benefit of the dimension and perspective that now opens wide before us. It is the perspective that did not exist before and has to do with the fact that yes, no woman has ever been elected or claimed the position of Speaker of Parliament. It is also the prospect of a clear message of pure unity in an ambiguous contemporary reality that the House of Representatives is sending out today, from all women MPs. I truly thank from the bottom of my heart all those who expressed their confidence in me and with their vote elected me as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, but I also thank those who did not vote in the affirmative and I assure them that we will walk together for a successful and fruitful parliamentary term. A difficult parliamentary term with very important reforms to be pending, with the need to modernize the operation of the Parliament as imperative as ever, with the need to communicate with the citizens as an institution and to open the doors of communication to and from the citizens. I never choose to be aphoristic. Work has been done in Parliament, many things have been improved but much more needs to be done and we can do it with consensus and cooperation and believe me we all have to gain from it: right, left, center, socialists, environmentalists. We need to learn from our mistakes and be more productive than reactive. Only then will we regain our lost credibility and dignity. Ladies and gentlemen, In a time of admittedly difficult times for all of us, conciliation is necessary, especially in an environment that is more entrenched by negativity and tension. Cyprus calls on us to manage new challenges, to counter new dangers and to protect its future with a focus on a peaceful and prosperous common homeland, and we hope that not only will the efforts to resume negotiations succeed but that we will have a positive outcome and that has plagued our country for half a century. With common values and ideally non-negotiable united and creative to win the bet of the European vision and to oppose challenge and obscurity with transparency, prudence and determination. To listen even more to the citizens and to make sure that the laws are observed and implemented in an efficient and beneficial way for every citizen of the state. To remove discrimination and restrictions and to give equal opportunities for everyone, whatever they believe, wherever they belong. I hope and hope that the election for the first time of a woman in this highest office will be the beginning of breaking the glass roofs, of giving opportunities, of having the initiatives and structures necessary to realize all the benefits that are obtained when each man is distinguished by value. without being canceled or held back for his choice or gender. So let the message be conveyed today from the House of Representatives, every person should not hesitate to dream that he can change the world and make it better “and I am sure we will win this bet together, for us, the children us, our Cyprus.

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