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Annita: We are at war – They want to weaken us

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Αννλτα: Ελμαστε ε πoλεμο – Θeλουν να μας αποδυνα&mu ;oσουν

“It is a real shame that some of us allow ourselves to become a vehicle in the political practices of ELAM or to fall into the trap of exploitation, which actually favors and serves only AKEL”, said the Speaker of the Parliament and President of DISY in her speech, Annita Dimitriou.

Among other things, she noted that “right now the Democratic Alarm, our faction, is facing a merciless war, an unprecedented war. The fire is coordinated and coming from all sides, to hit “our house”. To destroy everything that we have achieved through hard work and effort. Everything that with so many sacrifices we founded and built together, for so many years, together with our world. Together with our executives”.

This is her speech:


Let's start and put the “machines” in front!  

From our capital!

Because Nicosia is our core! It is our bridge to the future!

Because with synergies we open horizons and create perspectives.

Because in a landscape where everything is changing for us there is an immutable constant!

< p>We know exactly who we are and we know what we want!

Reform! Unity! Leading role! The good of our country, the good of our Cyprus!

This is the Democratic Alarm.

And the stakes before us are very high!

Our time is calling us! And we are ready! We are ready!

Faced with the unprecedented challenge of double elections in an era of unprecedented changes… Where the known is transformed into the unknown in a way we have never seen before… Let's move forward.

So, friends, let's reflect on the battlefield we have to fight. The dual elections are not just a struggle for power for us. It is the decisive moment that will give us the strength to highlight our vision, our principles and values, what we are made of.

It will give us the strength to continue to defend the interests of the citizens. , of our fellow citizens.

To exercise systematic and effective control over government work, applauding the right and criticizing the mistakes.

Because no one knows better than us the concerns, the anxieties, the needs of our fellow citizens and no one can articulate better than us convincing proposals, provide solutions and ways out of impasses.

And we have friends. and we have a plan and a strategy! We do not stay idle in the face of challenges! We roll up our sleeves and take action. We learned the hard way, the hard times are for us!

And we have already achieved a lot and are planning even more!

With rationality and without unfeasible populist outbursts, according to AKEL's favorite tactics, which endanger the state's finances. And this is the distinguishing difference of the Democratic Alert.

Putting pressure on government policy, always through a measured and costed approach:

We managed to get the fuel and electricity subsidy extended again due to the difficult conditions. We succeeded in filing a plan to support accompanying patients abroad. We achieved the inclusion in the budget of a fund of €1m for the opening of the Cancer Institute. The abolition of the annual company fee of 350 euros. The reduction of taxation on interest receivable from 30% to 17%. The extension of maternity leave to 22 weeks. And we will fight it until we reach the 26th, as was our proposal. “Yesterday, we introduced a targeted family tax-free income bill in the House to support middle-income families who pay disproportionately high taxes.”

And I mention these only as examples! And so we will continue!

That is why I repeat, for us the stake is not just another election contest. It is the confirmation of our dynamic intervention.

It is time to show who we really are.

We are the Democratic Alert, the refuge of the world. The political power  of reforms! The largest faction in the country, with a predominantly European orientation. The faction that came forward, fought and put their backs behind for Cyprus to belong to the European Union. The Faction that was driven, like no other, for this grandiose vision, but did not back down even for a moment, with our founder, the great visionary Glaukos Clerides, at the forefront!

That is why we have no other choice in June 9th we must answer with victory! We owe it first and foremost to you, to this wonderful proud world that always stands by us. But also in the great inheritance we inherited.

Friends, however, we need to understand more deeply the stakes of these elections. I spoke earlier about a battlefield, not by chance of course, because that is exactly what it is about.

Right now the Democratic Alarm, our Faction, is facing a merciless war, an unprecedented war. The fire is coordinated and coming from all sides, to hit “our house”. To destroy everything that we have achieved through hard work and effort. Everything that with so many sacrifices we founded and built together, for so many years, together with our world. Together with our executives!

A war with deceitful ways and with the ultimate goal of losing the lead! Let's weaken! Through a rigged current of catching votes from the extreme right, to the left. And it is a real shame that some of us allow ourselves to become a vehicle for the political practices of ELAM or to fall into the trap of exploitation, which essentially favors and serves only AKEL.

That is why in the face of the plans of undermining, in the face of those who want to shrink the Democratic Alarm so that they feel bigger, we must strongly oppose our principles and values ​​and we must defend our “family”. The Democratic Alarm is ONE, the one you the older ones founded and we the younger ones carry the burden of its history. It has neither replicas nor offshoots. And no true Alarmist should allow himself even a second of hesitation.

In this battle our vote is our strongest weapon!

We have much to complain about, for we have much to protest, but we cannot do this by sacrificing our future, our country, our cities, our principles and giving power to those who have been tried and failed miserably.

Let's consider the implications! The future of our cities is at stake, the future of our children , our Cyprus is being undermined!

I invite you to prevent such behaviors! To fight it together with all our forces, to counter the multiple attacks that our Faction receives.

Is there really a doubt or a dilemma?

The only dilemma, friends is one: are we going forward or backward?

Let us therefore answer that we will move forward, we will move forward yes with vision and determination, to develop our cities in the new era, to upgrade our infrastructure, to improve our services and service, to protect those in need, to develop the local economy, to highlight our identity and culture. Some have miscalculated if they think we will allow ourselves to go back to the age of bankruptcy, unreliability, horizontal free-of-charge policies, stagnation and social groceries. We simply won't allow it.

We just need to move forward! With Ability and Efficiency!

Victory and only victory! And this will be the only answer to those who don't want us first power and think they can grab and break the Democratic Alarm.

We want to be able to claim! For the world! For the citizens! For a strong Cyprus in Europe!

To have a say and a role inside and outside!

To have a strong voice, in the European process, through the connections and dynamics offered by our large European family, the European People's Party. WE NEED IT MORE THAN EVER!

To be able to utilize our geopolitical position, as a pillar of security and stability, to demand the immediate application of international law and European principles and values ​​in our country, as an equal state & #8211; member of the EU.

To participate in everything that unfolds for us, with claims and a decisive role, not only in the foreground and behind closed doors. 

It is the time of fight, then, for victory! For the first time!

I want to be honest, we know there were mistakes, there were failures! We have said it many times… The things that separated us or hurt us, friends… And I deliberately refer to the past tense… They are really very small in front of what unites us and we cannot dwell on them, especially in front of the great battle that we have to win and face the attacks we have to counter.

And this is a battle that, despite the lies, can only be won with unity and unity! This is the basic condition.

From then on we have the undisputed advantage in this matchup. And you have the right to feel both proud and justified!

Because we are the largest Faction, with the most options at all levels. The Party, which has proven that it can produce work (we proved it through our own governance) and implement policies with responsibility and prestige.

So we're coming out ahead! With the Strongest Team, with the best and the best, to achieve the Double Electoral Bet!

Friends and friends

After years of discussions upon discussions, we are at the turning point of a very large and crucial reform. Of our own reform on our own governance. The Local Self-Government, for which we laid the foundations, the time has come for it to leave the paper and be transformed into action.

And the reforms, no matter how emblematic they are, acquire meaning, take on flesh and blood, only when those people with the grandiose vision, the strategic plan and the faith undertake to implement them.

People who know how to they translate ideas into projects and suggestions into practical solutions.

People with experience and skills, who can lead us into a new era for Local Government, built on the solid foundations of efficiency, transparency, of development and cooperation.

And our candidates have the ability to lead their cities, the knowledge to successfully meet the challenge of reform, to take on and manage the new, expanded responsibilities, to lead Nicosia into the green transition and the digital age.

They have the political clout and experience to talk at an international level, gather opinions, synthesize and produce results.

Our candidates have the credibility that the new beginning needs to win the trust of the citizens: they guarantee good administration with their ethics, honesty and prestige.

It is true that Nicosia is a very high stake. in this new and modern course. It is our metropolitan municipality.

It is the operational center, where it is called upon to put the whole reform on track, and to create the conditions for clustering to work.

It is our capital, which in 2026 will hold the reins of the Cyprus Presidency in the EU and should be ready to welcome the European leaders. This alone constitutes great political ramifications, of weighty importance.

It is also the last divided capital of Europe. Therefore, a hard and multi-level struggle is required, which goes beyond the narrow borders of Cyprus and spreads across the international geopolitical chessboard.

And yes! We must win the metropolitan municipality!

And we can do it because we have the strongest team!

With Konstantinos Yorkatzis, candidate for the newly created institution of the President of the Provincial Self-Government Organization, who has already proven his worth with the work he has done for 12 consecutive years at the helm of the Local Government. Ideal choice to handle the new data resulting from the reform.

With Nikos Tornaritis, as a leading and versatile nomination! Because in this crucial political battle for the mayorship of metropolitan Nicosia, we need our most experienced politician. A reliable personality with honesty and ethics, who joins forces, bringing with us DIKO and DIPA. A man who strives throughout his political career to serve the citizens. To build through composition and consensus. A pure candidacy that did not hesitate to enter the fray when asked. A clean candidacy against the covert options of the left, presented and recommended misleadingly under the cloak of supposedly independent choice. A resounding political response, of European scope, against AKEL.

With Christos Tsigis a candidate for mayor of Strovolos, a choice that established our cooperation with DIPA and is also supported by EDEK. He puts forward his concern and love for the local community, a good connoisseur of Local Government issues, but also a lifelong friend and supporter of the Center's cooperation with the Democratic Alarm.

With Christos Pittaras, already a successful mayor, who is running again in the newly established Municipality of Latsia – Geri. A pioneer of the reform itself, he gathers cross-party support in his person, also due to his productive term at the helm of the Municipality.

With Loukas Eleftheriou, in the Municipality of Lakatamia, a candidacy in which the renewal itself is reflected in the most dynamic way! Young, self-made, he has distinguished himself with his action in the local community and can bring the new breath.

With Andreas Iosif a candidate for the Municipality of South Nicosia – Idali. Our renowned executive, with experience in the public sphere and a long-standing interest in the well-intentioned interest of the local community, with key interventions also in his journalistic capacity.

With all our candidates, deputy mayors and municipal councilors, we give the battle for first place!

We have our candidates, friends, and they are the ones who don't stand against their party, but support the same cause by putting “we” first.

Our vote is crucial, competitors. And we have to realize it!

There is no turning back!

Only forward! Everyone TOGETHER!

Candidates for MEPs, mayors, regional governors, vice-mayors, municipal councilors, school superintendents! In the battle of the double crucial electoral contest! We are becoming a fist!

We work together! With synergies! With mutual support! At all levels!

And we will bring the best results. For the place, for the citizens, for our Party. 

It is time for great challenges.

And we are not afraid of challenges!

We were born for them and we only know how to face them!

Investing in everything that unites us!

Honoring our principles, values, beliefs!

The unity of friends is not just a strategic goal or a slogan… It is the basis of our strength. That comes from you! From our proud world!

And every vote sends a clear message!

That the Democratic Alarm is here united and strong!

Protagonist and Winner!

Our voice is loud!

Our effort is unwavering!

Our vote is decisive!

So together for the great double victory !

Only forward with Skill and Efficiency! With responsibility and determination. So forward TOGETHER once again!

Only proudly Forward!

Source: www.philenews.com

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