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Annita: We are under “multiple attacks from everywhere” but we will emerge victorious

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    Αννiτα: Δεχoμασ τε «πολλαπλς επιθσεις απo παν&tau

    DISY presented candidates in Larnaca – “There is no other goal than winning,” says Anita

    The President of the party Annita Dimitriou expressed the assessment that in the June 9 contest DISY will emerge victorious and stronger.

    • DISY presented candidates in Larnaca

    In her speech on Saturday at a provincial presentation event for DISY's MEP candidates and the party's candidates for Local Government in the province of Larnaca, Mrs. Dimitriou said that at the moment “ our faction is under multiple attacks from everywhere, because they think it is their opportunity to shrink this proud faction”.

    “The fire is coordinated and is coming from all directions to hit our ‘home’, to torpedo everything we have achieved with effort and toil”, he noted.

    He underlined that “they are miscalculating and they are certainly not counting all of us, who will be the shield against any kind of undermining, any kind of planning that tries to destroy what we have worked hard to build”.

    He also noted that “those who underestimate our intelligence, those who betray our trust and those who exploit our tolerance are making a fatal mistake and will fail miserably. Against those who want to diminish the Alarm so that they feel bigger, we will strongly oppose our principles and values ​​and we will defend our “family,'' she said.

    Ms. Dimitriou said that “with plan and policies we respond to challenges, with ability and result“.

    “We do not mislead the world with populist and dangerous approaches, we do not attempt communicative games with the state's finances, nor do we spend on opposition crowns for the sake of opposition. This is a special ‘privilege’ of AKEL”, he said, and noted that “we measure data, submit complete and costed proposals and press the government for immediate implementation”.

    He added that “we are the political force of the reforms, the faction that came forward and opened the way for Cyprus to belong to the European Union, the faction that suffered, like no other, because it believed in the impossible. And yet he did not back down even for a moment, with our founder Glaukos Clerides in front, this great visionary, whose policies and life attitude we must honor and experience”, he pointed out.

    At the same time, he expressed the certainty that “in the June 9 showdown, with our ideas and positions, we will come out victorious and stronger. We need this victory, to be able to claim for the world, for the citizens, for Cyprus, for Larnaca, we will have a voice and a role inside and outside”, she pointed out.

    Referring to Larnaca said that “our candidates have the vision and the will to transform ideas into actions, they are ready to roll up their sleeves and solve problems, bring new life and create perspective and raise the city, even higher, in the position she deserves”.

    In her speech, the President of DISY also referred to the ten years that have passed since the death of Tassos Mitsopoulos who, as she said, “left a big void behind him, but his legacy is also valuable.

    Theologos Manolis, District Secretary of DISY of Larnacahe said, among other things, that “the Larnaca of tomorrow, the Larnaca we want, our representation in Europe, cannot, and is not the work of one person, but is a collective effort, the hard work of many people, a synthesis of ideas”.

    Evangelos Evaggelidis, candidate for the presidency of the Provincial Organization of Self-Government of Larnaca said that “the new institution that is being created requires vision, political experience, proven effectiveness. The role of the President and the Council will be political”, he said.

    Mihalis Ppekris, candidate for Mayor of Larnacahe said that the city of Zeno must “become a point of reference, not only for Cyprus but for the wider region, to become a city with an identity, green, clean, safe and accessible, for its citizens and visitors. A city, from the development of which all its citizens and all its neighborhoods will benefit”, he noted.

    Christodoulos Partou, candidate for Mayor of Aradippouexpressed the belief that “the expanded Municipality of Aradippou, which will include the historical communities of Kellia and Trulloi, as a hub of four provinces, can play an important role in the development of the province of Larnaca. The new Municipality must acquire modern infrastructures and adopt policies that will make Aradippou a model throughout Cyprus, with the aim of offering the residents what they deserve”, he pointed out.

    Sofoklis Sofokleous, candidate Mayor of Lefkaronhe said that “in order for the reform of Local Government to succeed “projects must be carried out, not for window display but for a better course for the citizens. There are many problems in local government” he said and added that “it depends on the local representatives of the new Municipalities to solve these problems that have plagued their citizens for years”.

    Kyriakos Kareklas, candidate Mayor Athienou said that “under DISY's rule, our uncritical Municipality found great help in all the major issues and problems it faced. The criticism of Athenian, mainly for national reasons, must remain independent and we will fight to win” he said and noted that “we will continue the efforts that the Athenians started years ago to open the Pyroios passage”.

    Andreas Vrachimis candidate for Mayor of Famagusta said that “the Municipality of Famagusta can and must play its role in the effort for a solution to the Cyprus problem, it must regain the role that the relevant resolutions of the UN, that of the real catalyst for finding a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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