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Annita's shots at the president: He should be asked about what he stands for and where he belongs

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    It is indeed a political oxymoron for the President of the Republic of Cyprus to belong to the European People's Party and to present himself to other political groups, said Mrs. Dimitriou

    The DISYhas an integrated and bold program, it does not approach the issues with populism and catastrophism, but with positions and proposals, without disorientation and regressions, said on Wednesday the President of the party Annita Dimitriou, in the context of the presentation of the political Manifesto of positions for the European elections. The manifesto was presented in detail by Giorgos Hatzigeorgiou, President of NEDISY, in the presence of the MEP candidates and the leadership pyramid of the party.

    The manifesto contains proposalsfor the economy, security, immigration, the Cyprus issue, sustainable development and social cohesion and youth. For the economy, DISY supports the granting of tax incentives and exemptions, for security it recommends the establishment of a Commissioner for Security and Defense and the replacement of the High Representative with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the establishment of a European Security Council by the heads of the Ministries.

    On immigration, he favors, among other things, the revision of the status of regions in Syria and the upgrading of Frontex, and for the Cyprus problem he emphasizes that the search for a solution is the only way to ensure the historical continuity of Hellenism in Cyprus.

    For sustainable development and cohesion, DISY notes that the recovery and resilience planit is a historic EU initiative and a unique opportunity for modernization on issues such as digital transformation, the green transition and the problems of farmers and pensioners. For the youth, the manifesto includes proposals for obtaining affordable housing, reducing bureaucracy and promoting entrepreneurship.

    Ms. Dimitriou said that forces of anti-European populism, since they could not prevent Cyprus' European course, are fighting it. from the inside. “They are trying to break it up with hatred, intolerance, division,” he added.

    “And how anti-European their policies are: In the economy, AKEL and ELAM are flirting with the imposition of taxes on businesses, which sooner or later the citizens will pay, with increased inflation. AKEL's proposal for the taxation of banks literally imitates the corresponding Italian attempt that brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy in a few days”, he said.

    He spoke of recipes for disaster from AKEL and ELAM, adding that DISY chooses the democratic and decisive Europe of principles and values, with respect for law and ensuring order and law and order, with strictness for illegals and traffickers, but also solidarity for the truly oppressed.

    “It is a big mistake to spend our vote thoughtlessly, to punish or to protest blindly about what bothers us. So we must judge policies, parties, ideas and people correctly. So that we do not lead Cyprus to the role of a passive observer or, even worse, to isolation”, he stressed.

    When asked if the DISY will make progress on the presence of the PtD in the work of parties of other Eurogroups, he said “this we will see after the elections”. “But it is indeed a political oxymoron for the President of the Republic of Cyprus to belong to the European People's Party and to present himself to other political groups, and I think it is better that he himself be asked about what he stands for and what he belongs to,” he said.< /p>

    Ms. Dimitriou emphasized that DISY is clean in what it belongs to, and it is the European party of Cyprus, it belongs to the EPP “and we would at least expect the President in this difficult pre-election period to remain independent institutionally, as befits his role”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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