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Announcement – “collapse”: Ultimatum for a trophy in May '23 and a clear message to Ketspaia for “shame”

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An announcement was issued by Pan.Syfi Anorthosis, through which it is placed for everything, after the end of the season, and the success of “Kyria” to fulfill its goals.

In detail: >

From (our) hell to last year's cup final to paradise with European travel and back to the hell of failure this time. This is how the route from May 21 until this year ended. Despite our absence, we believed in this team until the end, something we also stated publicly in our announcement on 29/04, four turns before the end. At the same time we had stated some of our concerns in our announcement a month earlier on 26/03. Unfortunately, the outcome of this year finds us called to collect our pieces.

As Pan.Sy.Fi. we declare that we are NOT going to take anyone's side in all this background that is evolving inside the football team but we will NOT turn a blind eye to what is happening. It is forbidden to us by the way we live and work for this group, our history requires us to stand by it to stand on its own two feet but also towards those who deprive it of it. Whether they want to or not, they do the same for us.


We will not talk about the various details that from time to time happened or are happening in this part of the team but we will talk in numbers. Now we are tired of fighting gods and demons trying to do what you can not. We are fed up with the “I” of anyone who thinks that Anorthosis will “die” if it is not on its throne. We will “ignore” meaningless and provocative moves (set up general assemblies, group signal, etc.). Now you will be FINALLY judged and you will not “put” a trillion.

WE DO NOT CARE AT ALL who will lead the company for 2022-2023, we really will not take a position. In 8 days from today, hold your meeting and decide what you think and what enlightens you. Consider only one unique parameter. During the time of company and the presence of Mr. Poullaidis as a major shareholder, we have the following ranking positions:

2014-2015: 5th

2015-2016: 5th

2016- 2017: 6th

2017-2018: 3rd

2018: 2019: 7th

2019-2020: Interruption

2020-2021: 4th

2021-2022: 5th

It is now clear what the above numbers say. It is now CLEAR what we told you above. It's your last year not to prove anything, nor to just correct situations. If ANORTHOSI is NOT crowned champion, your circle is closed. And believe us, thanks to a championship, the main reason we are writing to you today is not. It is now the size of our football team and where you lead it. It is your way of working, it is the negligible development in the infrastructure, it is the unprofessionalism in many areas of the football department, it is the non-existence in elementary positions and decision-making centers, the leaks in the various parrots in order to disorient the public and divide the world of the team, putting them in controversy. We do not care what you do. We do not care how much you have to put or who will put it again. We do not care how much budget is considered capable of competing with the new data in the league AGAIN. We will “play” it irrelevant and we will not bother anyone. Just in the year 2022-2023 your only solution to no longer see it as spectators is to win the 1st place. The 2nd place with a difference of one goal from the 1st, will be considered a failure. Or do what your HOME deserves in the pride of Famagusta in May 2023.


In the last 3 years with the return of Timur Ketspaia as the coach of the team, we have never intervened while we had every reason and the reasons are known. On the contrary, we have also gone to training on Wednesdays, Tuesdays and Fridays, until Sunday morning at 08:30. We have visited hotels overnight, we have accompanied the team to stadiums, we have traveled where possible, we have won a cup even with ABSTAIN. We do not care what the contracts say, or what system you will apply, or which players it will bring or even if you will work with another model. The only thing we will tell you (in general) to coaches, members of the technical staff, footballers is that we were NEVER ASHAMED because we declared to be CORRECT and we will not do it. The reason is simple and clear. Anorthosis is not just about football. Let us know what Anorthosis is. There is a big BUT and OTHER. The next time anyone insults the world of the team or plays with their intelligence, there is no next day for him in this glorious Club and let him have won the Champions League. Next year you are not judged only for the match as we mentioned above in the administrative above. Unnecessary respect for the world of the team that is the last to be responsible will be fatal. Think before you speak or rather DO NOT SPEAK.


what we achieve is to serve interests. The problems of the team must find the world of the team united and united so that each cheater sits on his bench and understands which team they lead, which team they train and the basic requirements for the most historic team in the place. No one above ANORTHOSIS FAMAGUSTA.

PS For the Association we will stand before its General Assembly and after everything else.

PS2 The General Assembly of the association will be held at the end of June and we will talk about ours after that.


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