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Annoying Tatar for strengthening the EF

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Annoying Tatar for strengthening the EF

Efforts to strengthen the National Guard's missile defense system are not serving peace and will escalate tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, Ersin Tatar said in a statement, urging the Greek side to “make sense”.

According to the GTP, in statements to the t / c “news agency”, Mr. Tatar stated that they are watching with great annoyance and concern these steps of the Greek Cypriot side, claiming that such steps are wrong when the United Nations appeals for continuation and increase of the cooperation and some searches are carried out in the Cyprus issue.

Noting that the information about the reinforcement of the missile system of the Armed Forces comes after the legalization – as he said – of the action of the PKK / PYD in the free zones, the Turkish leader stated that Turkey also reacted to these developments and called the κ side to reason.

“Turkey is a guarantor country of Cyprus. As a guarantor, Turkey also has things to say and do, it has the right to speak. “Turkey, as always and in every issue, will definitely demonstrate its determination to protect the rights and interests of both Turkey itself and the Turkish Cypriot people in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Tatar said.

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It does not make sense, he added, the demonstration of an aggressive attitude by the Greek Cypriots and the strengthening of their missile system, despite the calls made for the continuation of peace and the reduction of tension, because they forget that they have Turkey against them.

Meanwhile, the Turkish press reports that ceremonies are being held today for the 64th anniversary of the events that took place on 27 and 28 January 1958 and are characterized by the Turkish Cypriots as their resistance against the British colonial administration.

In a written statement, Mr. Tatar referred to the fallen of those days, “who raised their chests against the British colonial administration in the struggle for freedom, independence and sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriot people.” He reiterated the claim that the efforts of the Greek Cypriot-Greek duo to turn the Turkish Cypriots into a minority and to dominate the entire island continue.

“As we did in the past, so today we will not remain spectators in it and we will continue the struggle, embracing more closely the motherland Turkey to protect our state and the rights and interests of our people.”

In his own statement, the “prime minister”, Faiz Suzuoglu, stated that as a result of this resistance, the whole world became aware of the existence and determination of the Turkish Cypriot “people”. He described the 27th and 28th of January 1958 as the biggest reaction against the colonial administration and an important focal point. He argued that the fact is very important in terms of showing that Turkish Cypriots want to live in Cyprus free with their own “national and religious identity”.


Source: www.philenews.com

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