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Anorthosis: Extension of term in the administration of Santi

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What was expected happened at today's extraordinary General Assembly

Ανόρθωση: Παραταση θητεΙας στ η διοΙκηση Σαντη

The extraordinary General Assembly of Anorthosis was completed a little while ago, which took place in the “Kyriakos Theocharous” hall at “Antonis Papadopoulos”.

The procedure was formal and the members of the Company gave the “green” light to extend the term of office of Andreas Santis until the Annual General Meeting which will be determined at a later stage.

We remind you that the “Lady” with its announcement earlier formalized the recruitment of David Gaiejo to the position of coach. His assistants will be Yannis Okkas and Jose Ramon Rodriguez Sanchez, while the position of gymnast will be taken over by Alejandro Prieto (son of sports director Antonio Prieto). Rehabilitation trainer will be Michael Paule-Carres. Antonis Georgallidis is the goalkeeper coach, while Stelios Antoniou remains in the role of analyst.

The Anorthosis update:

It took place in the “Kyriakos Theocharous” Hall at “A. Papadopoulos” the extraordinary general assembly of Anorthosis Famagusta (FOOTBALL) Public Ltd.

In the framework of the work of the general assembly, the extension of the term of office of the Board of Directors was approved. of the Company, until the holding of the annual general meeting.

The President of the Company, Mr. Andreas Santis, in his speech stated the following:

“Dear shareholders, friends.< /p>

Today is not a General Assembly for the purpose of taking stock of the past football season, but the renewal of the term of the current Board of Directors.

On this occasion, however, it is our obligation to report today's facts in general terms.


The fact is that we took over the company in a very difficult situation in the competitive and financial part. A situation which remains difficult, with the immediate obligations threatening to affect the smooth operation of the company or even worse create problems with the UEFA criteria.

The transition to the post-Pullaid era has begun and there is no going back. We thank Ms. Pullaides and Mr. Christos Pullaides for what they have provided and it would be a wish that, in the next day of our beloved team, he would be one of the many and not the one and only.

For the football season 2023-24, the majority of people who are willing either alone or with the participation of others to contribute an amount of €2m have already been found. approximately and their assumption of 100% of the shares of the company owned by Mrs. Pullaidi.

A Family that has so far contributed an amount of approximately €19m. and has clearly stated that it is unable to continue shouldering the financial burden alone.

St. Friends,

to deal with the situation created by the obligations arising from previous football seasons and especially the one that has ended, we had and have before us two options:

The first is to whine, engage in an endless blame war and leave the team at God's mercy with all that entails.

The second is to deal with them first in the short term and then create the way and the mechanism for their repayment. We chose the second option without a second thought and from January until today, obligations exceeding €600 thousand have been paid.

Our strategy, very specific. To find a loan, which will be repaid within 4 years so that it is not particularly burdensome in terms of the team's annual budget and at the same time the benefit from the immediate repayment of the obligations is far greater than any borrowing cost.

It would be a dream come true if we could pay off the specific amount, which exceeds €3.5m. without any borrowing, but unfortunately as the current Board of Directors we do not have this possibility and neither have we ever presented ourselves like the Emirs of Qatar or the Sultan of Brunei with empty promises of investment with huge funds in the team. a stable base and the proper management of the company's resources by reducing expenses without naturally affecting the orderly operation, anything but the opposite.

St. Friends,

The goal for the next period and the plan drawn up as 3+2 years, is the creation of a competitive team, capable of claiming titles within our own financial frameworks as they are formed.

The staffing of the team begins by the Technical Director with whom the applicant is in constant contact and communication and with the approval of the Board of Directors. the specific design and plan was drawn up.

Choosing a training team that understands what Famagusta Resurrection means and has in its DNA the spirit of the winner.

We have thoroughly explored all the possible options before us and I am pleased to inform you that our manager for the 2023/24 football season is David Gallego, who will be flanked by two assistants, Xose Ramon Sanchez Rodriguez, and Giannis Okkas, goalkeeper coach Antonis Georgallidis and fitness coach Alexander Prieto. Alexander is the son of our Technical Director Antonio Prieto, and to preempt any comments, we are lucky that his father is here otherwise it would be very difficult for him to come to Cyprus.

Our intention is to reduce the average age of our footballers, to significantly increase their quality and to have footballers suitable for the way our team will play and in the positions we need improvement. We are also in the process of getting rid of very high contracts and players who do not have, nor do we see that they can in the next football season help the team fulfill its goals. It goes without saying that releases that will be financially unprofitable will not be implemented. Next year is a transitional period in the new era of team organization. Our attention is directed to our Academies, to the upgrading of their mode of operation and to the promotion of footballers to the A' team who will be ready physically and football-wise to integrate into its requirements.

In this effort, we have gathered the sections of our academies at the Alpha Sports stadiums, a particularly important but also demanding investment in terms of cost.

St. Friends,

we are not allowed to get stuck in the past or to quibble over who is more or less to blame. The only thing we have an obligation to do is all together united like a fist to march together for the greatness of Anorthosis, of Famagusta. The ego must disappear, personal bitterness or confrontations must also disappear because above everything and all of us is Resurrection.

St. Friends,

Anorthosis is ONE and we are all its servants, I have and will continue to have direct communication with the President of the Association so that our team can grow not only in football but also in all departments which maintains, because I repeat, Anorthosis is one and indivisible!

From my side as well as my colleagues on the Board of Directors, whom I am grateful for their cooperation, contribution and dedication to Anorthosis , what I can promise is that we will do what is humanly possible for Anorthosis to return to the path of success and a team that in every match will fight with dignity and passion for victory.

The difficult things are not they scare us, on the contrary they are stubborn because Anorthosis is the most precious thing we have brought from our beloved Famagusta and I will repeat it once more, we all owe it to our children, our grandchildren, our parents, and to those who left and they didn't come back!”.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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