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Another 104 protesters for the Bosporus University are in Turkish prisons

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Another 104 protesters for the Bosporus University are in Turkish prisons

Another 104 people were arrested yesterday in a demonstration planned in Chalcedon (Kandikioi) on the Asian side of Istanbul in support of the students of the Bosporus University who were attacked by the police last night while protesting for the appointment of the Rector.

Yesterday's protest despite the ban started in Chalkidona at 18.00 in the afternoon and the police intervened with tear gas and plastic bullets. Late at night it was announced that 104 people had been arrested. According to opposition media, students tried to get on the boat to go to the Asian side of Istanbul to take part in the protest, but the police did not even allow them to enter the boat, saying they were “forbidden”.

Earlier, the provincial administration of Chalkidona had banned the protest rallies under the pretext of the pandemic and warned that in case of demonstrations there would be police intervention. The demonstration started and the police after their announcements started their intervention with tear gas and plastic bullets. The students who left the surrounding alleys were arrested, the episodes continued until late at night. The same sources in the opposition media report that the police tried to arrest even the Labor Party MP of Turkey Baris Atai as well as the Provincial President of the Republican People's Party of Chalkidona Ali Narin. Residents of the area supported the protesters and went out on the balconies and windows of their houses, hitting pots and pans as they did during the Gezi demonstrations.

In a statement, the Constantinople Police Department states that “after the invitations for rallies in Chalkidona with the slogan 'We do not want an administrator Rector', the necessary measures have been taken in various places”. The same announcement states that around 17.00 in the afternoon they started warning the group of 250-300 people who started to gather, reminding them of the decision of the provincial administration of Chalkidona that the gatherings in closed and open spaces were forbidden for 7 days. The group then damaged police vehicles at various points, according to the statement, adding that 93 people were arrested.

However, Ankara Mayor Mansour Giavas called on Turkish President-designate Rector Recep Tayyip Erdoάνan Melik Bulu to resign from his Twitter account. The appointment of Boulou, who is a party official in the ruling Justice and Development Party, has sparked a flurry of students who have been protesting for a month at Bosporus University.

Source: politis.com.cy

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