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Another 171 will be housed with state assistance

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Another 171 will be housed with state assistance

Eleftheria Paizanou

Almost half of the applications submitted last year for the participation in the Housing Plan for the revitalization of mountainous, remote and disadvantaged areas were approved. The aim of the Plan is to further strengthen the countryside and the inhabitants of the mountainous, remote and other disadvantaged areas, to upgrade their quality of life and to fight against astyphilia.

According to data from the Ministry of Interior, from March to mid-December 2021, a total of 345 applications were submitted, of which 171 were approved, corresponding to an amount of € 7.6 sheltered. At the same time, the evaluation of another 123 applications is pending, while 31 applications were rejected because they did not meet the criteria.

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In 2019, when the specific plan was implemented, until mid-December 2021, 420 citizens received financial support from the state, to proceed with the construction of houses. The total financial support given to the citizens exceeds € 14.4 million.

The Minister of Interior Nikos Nouris, answering questions submitted by AKEL MPs Giorgos Loukaidis and Valentinos Fakontis, wrote that this year the total budget, both of the specific Plan and the Housing Plan, in addition to the revitalization of specific areas. , according to the minister, in early 2022 is expected to proceed with the re-announcement of these housing projects, with revised criteria, in order to make them even more attractive, especially for young people, giving, through incentives, special emphasis on the development of mountainous areas.

As the minister notes, the requests and suggestions received from citizens, institutions and communities are being evaluated, in order to make the projects even more attractive. At the same time, he emphasizes that the requests concerning plots outside the boundaries of residential zones / areas are being examined, which will be evaluated appropriately. The Housing Plan for the revitalization of mountainous, remote and disadvantaged areas includes mountainous and disadvantaged communities / areas, based on criteria of geographical eligibility, while it also provides increased financial support to young couples, families and large families.

Source: www.philenews.com

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