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Another arrest for the Isias Hotel, new revelations about the building

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Another person, Efe, son of the Bozkurt family, who own and manage the Isias Hotel in Antigaman, was arrested as part of the legal prosecution against those involved in the buildings that collapsed during the earthquakes in Turkey.

The investigation is being conducted by the Prosecutor's Office of Antijaman and the arrest was made on behalf of the gendarmerie.

According to the Haber Kipris website, the father Ahmet Bozkurt and his son Fatih were arrested in the previous days.

Our work is difficult, but we are determined, said the president of the Turkish Bar Association, Hasan Esendagli, informing that, in cooperation with the Association of Bar Associations of Turkey, they have completed all the preparations for the legal prosecution and the six-member team of lawyers who will’ undertake this particular case. They are 4 members, academics from the Ankara Bar Association, Debrim Güngior, Mehmet Eren Turan Enes Taner, Deniz Özbilgin, the head of the Union's human rights department, Gulendam San Karabulutlar and Bilal Dogan from the Antijaman Bar Association.

For the coordination with the T/k bar association and the lawyers of the T/k families who lost their relatives in  hotel Isias, he added, a team headed by him has also been created.

«Our goal is to support our families who want to fulfill the obligation to seek the rights of their children and relatives, who they lost in the most painful way, until the last day of the process and not to leave them alone on this road. Our work is difficult, but our determination is absolute.

Findings about the building

According to the preliminary report of the "university" of the Eastern Mediterranean and in particular of the "political department" for the Isias Hotel, the quality of the concrete was obviously poor. Professor at said "university" he had gone in the previous days to Antiyaman and took samples from the ruins.

"The debris found in the area of ​​the building was carefully examined and it was found that the quality of the concrete was obviously poor and that the gravel and gravel and sand used proved to be from a stream. When considering the size of the stream pebbles, it has been found that they are often larger than the maximum grain size in the concrete to be used in such constructions. The distribution of gravel and sand in the concrete is not good and is easily dispersed during manual control.

In the investigation it is noted that the permission for the building had been given for 5 floors, but the building was seven floors. "Although it is not absolutely certain, according to the calculations made, it was concluded that the construction of the said building, whose foundation and beams were designed and constructed for 5 floors, was not done properly. It is a serious mistake to raise the floor and it is possible that the building would have collapsed even in weaker earthquakes than the one it was designed for.

Haber Kipris, citing a report by the Turkish channel NTV, writes that the exact number of people staying at the Isias hotel, where the Turkish students and their companions, as well as dozens of Turkish tour guides, lost their lives is not yet known.

Transferring information from the course of the investigation for the building in question, it is stated that the building was erected in 1990 – 1991 as an apartment block. For some reason it was not completed and remained vacant for 10 years. Later, the hotel company Isias instead of demolishing it in 2001, turned it into a hotel and in 2005 increased its capacity from 36 beds to 65.

Ozgur Tuds, President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers of Antilles confirmed that the foundations of the hotel were laid in 1990-1991 and the reconstruction stopped in the rough construction phase, with the building lying idle until 2001 with this rough construction exposed to rain and snow for 10 years rotting and corroding.

«For the building, which was designed as a family apartment building, a hotel permit was granted by the City Hall to the company in question, which was founded in 2001. Like all buildings built before 1999, this too was a dangerous construction. Ataturk Avenue (in front of the hotel) is an area with wet ground. Therefore, the risk to the building was doubled. Strengthening or demolishing buildings built before 1999 should have come to the fore», Tounds noted.

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