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Antonio Guterres: I am committed to SA, but I will listen to all views in the informal Pentameri

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Antonio Guterres: I am committed to SA, but I will listen to all views in the informal Pentameri

The Security Council requested that in addition to the International Atomic Energy Agency's ongoing inspections in Iran, that it monitor Iran's compliance with “the steps required by the IAEA Board”, UN Security Council Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told a news conference on Thursday. international organization. He answered questions from a Turkish journalist, when he would call the 5 + 1 meeting and whether he would insist on a two-zone bi-communal federation solution, or whether he was open to new ideas such as that of the Turkish Cypriot leader who said “we deserve a separate state”.

“My intention is to convene at the beginning of March a 5 + 1 meeting, the United Nations with the two communities of Cyprus together with the guaranteeing powers, Greece, Turkey, Britain. The meeting we decided to be informal, without conditions to allow the parties… There are these changes in the administration of northern Cyprus. It is important that everyone has the opportunity to discuss honestly with each other how they see the future and how we are moving forward. “

Antonio Guterres noted that he has an order from the SA. in relation to the negotiations.

“This mandate explicitly refers to a bi-zonal bi-communal solution. Obviously this is not an obstacle for the meeting of the negotiators we are convening to present their positions. I am always ready to go to the SA. and if there is an agreement of the parties expanding the scope of the negotiations, it will be interpreted as a joint agreement “.

The UN Secretary-General noted that the first step is to bring the parties together, listen to them and see the outcome of the discussion.
“Just because I stick to the mandate I received does not mean that I am not open to listening to everyone, to drawing the conclusions of the debate based on whatever the parties have in common for the future,” he added.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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