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Antonis Remos: The first reaction to the tax evasion complaint of 1.5 million

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Ανς Ρμος ανδρ ασηκατγλαφορο&iota ;αφυγorς 1.5 εκατομμυρουAntonis Remos who, as it became known, did not escape from the Authority for Combating Income from Illegal Activity for tax evasion of 1.5 million, with the seizure of his movable and immovable property.

The well-known singer through his attorneys, Stathis Bakalis and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos gave his own initial answer, giving another version of the case.

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    My regret is a result of a secret procedural process being illegally leaked to the media and thus exposing me, and my question is that I was never called by the higher authority to give explanations and provide evidence, which would prove that I did not I have ever committed tax evasion.

    I look forward to receiving a call immediately to be informed of what is attributed to me, so that I can shake off any censure against me.”

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    Αντoνης Ρeμ οσπρτρσηκτγ ;ελλαπερλ φοροδιαφυγorς 1.5 εκατομμυρiου

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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