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APOEL: A legendary climb to… 3000 meters

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Uphill and full of obstacles the road of the blue and yellow for the 29th title

ΑΠΟΕΛ: Θρyλου αναβαση στα.. . 3000 μeτρα

In yesterday's (24/4, see here), article we analyzed the main element that gives optimism to APOEL for the realization of the goal of winning the title. We refer to the excellent performance against Aris, key players for the team, such as Belets, Ferrari, Crespo and Kvilitaia.

However, the general image of the blue-and-whites is not only good. They may remain very close to the top, but several factors are troubling. Vladan Milojevic's side remain winless in Round 1 of the finals (4 draws and one defeat), struggle a lot at the end of the phases they create (scored only 3 goals in 5 matches and conceded 5!) and have long bad spells in her games, as for example in the last one against the “Light Brigade”, who from 46' until about 70' had only a passive role with many mistakes that luckily did not cost.

In this problematic period , are clearly the signs of fatigue of key units that could provide solutions and make a difference. The biggest problem is at the ends of the midfield.

With tired, “crushed wings”

At the top of the attack, Kvilitaia seems to be in excellent condition but there are few times when the ball reaches him in good conditions. The speed, freshness and explosiveness of the extreme attackers are greatly lacking.

The paradox is that APOEL has good quality “extremists” in its potential, but they are not in a good playing condition and for various reasons reasons they don't help as much as they can.

Marquinhos made a significant contribution (scoring 7 goals) in the regular season, but then “lost” showing signs of overwork. Against Aris he came on as a substitute and was disappointing.

Tasos Donis could make the difference on the right wing but his injury in the match with Akrita is costing him as since then he feels discomfort in his ankle which does not allow him to compete as he wants and can.

Ben, who had started impressively, was affected both by his injury and by Ramadan as a result of which he lost the substance in his game and the good pace he had.

Big blow with Villafanies

Very bad – negative development for Vladan Milojevic is his new injury to Lucas Villafanies. The Argentinian midfielder with his runs, passes and balls was invaluable in the plan of the “blue and yellow”. The 32-year-old ace will miss the next two games with Omonia (1/5) and Paphos FC (6/5) and maybe AEK in the 8th game of the final phase. Undoubtedly, it is a very big blow for APOEL, since this is a player with very special characteristics.

To the above negative elements we should also add the “pressure” factor that weighs on the players' legs.


Vladan Milojevic had said characteristically after the game with Aris in response to a question about the unsuccessful results in the final phase:

“Do you know what these kids go through both physically and psychologically? Now we have to walk up to 3000 meters, the pressure is rising. Now mistakes are not forgiven and you can pay for the fatigue of the whole season. As you climb the mountain, the pressure rises from all sides. It's also the fatigue. Now we'll see who can and can't. It's also psychology, we work with the children.”

Strong, determined and passionate

In order for APOEL to realize the goal of winning the 29th league title, technical leadership and players must to find the solutions, to correct their weaknesses and to present themselves mentally strong and determined in the 5 “final” that remained, showing how much they want it and how they are capable of returning to the top of our football.

The new derby of the “eternals” that follows is of great importance for the blue-yellows” who absolutely want victory and only victory. A convincing appearance with substance and precision is required. If the… rope withstands APOEL, it will be seen in the applause of his world who has now conquered the championship of the platform.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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