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APOEL fans for the events in Chloraka: The President “where there is marriage and joy, Vassilo first”

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Post by the organized friends of APOEL about the events in Chloraka.
Unfortunately, yesterday's events in Chloraka were not a bolt from the blue, but the natural evolution of a tragic management policy of the last Cypriot governments, which even borders on national treason. Taking the problem at its root and as much as some may not like it, one is the reality. The massive and unstoppable arrival (invasion) of l…. it alters the ethnic composition of the population of Cyprus and inevitably, at some point our country will be led to an internal war!

The scenes that all of Cyprus saw yesterday made even the most skeptical person realize the magnitude of the problem. Ghettoization of areas, axes, knives, bats, smashing of shops and cars were the thanks of all of them for the hospitality in our country and their… response to a protest by the legal residents of Cyprus. Soon we will need their permission to move around! Unfortunately, the problem is not limited only to Chloraka, it also extends to other areas. According to the testimonies of residents of Kokkinotrimithia, their homes and their families are under constant threat, since there are not a few times that they enter the yards of their houses without permission to dig up, steal, and even… defecate! God knows what will happen in the future if this situation continues..
Let's go now to the new president of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Christodoulidis, who has become “where there is marriage and joy, Vassilo first”!! Actions on the substance and zero problems, despite the loud statements and the intense pre-election campaign! We call on him to finally take his responsibilities, make serious decisions on this issue and adopt policies from other countries in Europe that have dealt with the issue effectively, before our Cyprus is permanently and irrevocably lost… History and the people will be relentless together you…You will one day leave, your name will remain! Decide if you want your name to be written on the black pages of history, like those of your predecessors.
The responsibility for this situation lies not only with the government and its apathy, but also with another section of people who have been acting for years as a fifth phalanx for the country, propagandizing non-stop against anyone who dared to disagree, labeling them as fascist, chauvinist, xenophobic , a devotee of concentration camps and other heaps of lousy epithets, whose only aim was to attack the morals of those who were troubled and to serve their own alien interests, probably motivated by enemies of Hellenism! We are talking about conscious traitors, who will one day leave the country at night because the people themselves will hunt them!! The positive thing is that the world seems to have woken up from its slumber and is setting them aside…
Finally, we come to ourselves and the heavy debt we have.. Debt that concerns all the Greeks of Cyprus! A debt we owe both to our dead heroes and to our children and grandchildren. What country will we deliver to them!! We ourselves will be held accountable for what we did and what we didn't do! The worst enemy of our generation is our apathy!
As a great man once said:
“Inactivity and philandering are a sign and sign of decay, national and social . Shame on those who prefer them, while others struggle and fall”. >

Source: 24h.com.cy

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