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APOEL General Assembly: Speeches, intensity, plan and Petridis with 99.07%

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APOEL General Assembly: Speeches, intensity, plan and Petridis with 99.07%

Prodromos Petridis remains the chairman of the APOEL company. At 15:15 the annual general assembly of the blue and yellows began, in which more than 60% gave their presence, and shortly after 20:00 it ended.

The administrative leader of APOEL analyzed a plan that will last at least three years, so that the team of the capital can get rid of the financial problems and return to the championship track. Petridis spoke about the mistakes that were made, referred in detail to the financial data that emerge and outlined the ways in which the administration will cope with the problems that arose from both some mishandling and the pandemic.

Then, prominent APOELists spoke, such as Theodoros Kyriakidis, Marios Charalambous, Kris Triantaphyllidis, Paris Spanos and Giannis Dimitriou. Everyone gave their own suggestions, while everyone sent a message of unity and support in view of the new season.

The voting and counting process followed, as the current contract was nominated by the independents Charilaos Panagidis, Theodoros Konstantinidis and Christos Economidis. The existing BoD remains in place however there is a new member (specifically Haris Panagidis) who will join it, according to the announcement below. They will continue the work so that APOEL can stand on its own two feet financially and return to a leading role.

Finally, the side songs were not missing as an incident occurred between the former president of the club, Christoforos Potamitis and fans who were at the venue. Potamitis expressed his opposition to Petridis' stay, he threw a punch for the presence of organized people, as a result of which there was tension. With the intervention of the cooler, the worst was avoided.

The announcement of APOEL:

The company APOEL FOOTBALL (PUBLIC) LTD announces that the election process for the election of new Directors has been completed.

Representatives of 68.32% of the allocated share capital were present at the meeting.

Representatives of 53.68% of the allocated share capital participated in the electoral process.

Based on the count, the candidates who secured more than 50 + 1% are:

Prodromos Petridis 99.07%
Thanks to Fire 78.99%
Stelios Zampas 71.62%
George Stamatis 71.54%
Thanasis Christoforou 71.05%
Nikos Kougialis 71%
Alexis Andreou 70.95%
Dimitris Theocharous 70.90%
Harris Panagidis 65.20%

The new Management Board will be formed in a House at its first meeting.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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