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APOEL: Kougialis sent a title message and clarified about Sarfos

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APOEL: Kougialis sent a title message and clarified about Sarfos

Invited to the show “Goal 'n Roll” of Cytavision was on Sunday night (16/1) the vice-president of APOEL, Nikos Kougialis, who spoke about the course of the blue and yellows, the title fight, the rumors about an agreement with Sarfo and not only.

Detailed what he said…

For the victory over Ethnikos: “We did not expect such an easy passage from Dasaki, it is known that Ethnikos is a very competitive team, it was very difficult for Aris. “But we have confidence, we thought we would win easily.”

For the improvement of the psychology and the course of the team: “Yes, there was a problem in the psychology. Augusti and the technical team identified the problem early on and together with the specialist, the psychologist that the team has, they worked hard in this area and I believe that both the good results and the appearances raised the psychology of the players who believe how they can achieve the ultimate goal which is the championship. This is always the goal, APOEL is doomed to fight for the championship, we are behind, there are seven games for the first phase, we will try to win all seven if possible and enter the playoffs where with ten derbies we will claim title”.

For the teams that he considers to have more chances than APOEL: “I think that the teams that lead the three have more than all the others, but I think that there are enough games. “There are a lot of derbies, everyone plays with everyone.”

What would be his answer if APOEL was on an equal footing with the champions: “It would be that we would have the same chances or slightly more than the rest because we have done it in the past.”

Regarding the rumors about an agreement with Sarfo: “Sarfo is a very good player, we did not talk to the player. The most probable, except for a shocking surprise, is that there will be no other transfer, I think the team is complete, we have a lot of quality, we made two additions as requested by the coach, in order for a third transfer to occur, something very serious must occur that is not visible at the moment ” .

On whether there is the financial possibility to make a transfer: “APOEL can get players it would like but in a normal context. “No one in Cyprus can spend millions to buy footballers.”

On whether APOEL people should be worried about the Poursaitidis case: “No, people should not be worried about the Poursaitidis case, let me inform you that I was present with the president at the negotiation of the contract in January, there is a condition in this contract for compensation in case of his release and this is what APOEL is willing to pay but not the entire contract as required by the legal advisor of Mr. Poursaitidis “.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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