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APOEL: Legend score a goal!

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Blue and yellow must become more creative and more efficient

ΑΠΟΕΛ: Θρyλε βαλε ενα γκολ!

Those who know APOEL well and regularly watch the blue and yellow matches, can easily see its greatest weakness, which is inefficiency. My opinion is that last year's title was lost mainly because of this weakness.

However, the “poor” productivity is not only the fault of the team's centre-forward, but also the difficulty that was found many times in creating the conditions for the goal. The ball hardly reaches the opponents' large area and not with the necessary frequency.

Last year, APOEL was kept in contention for the title until the penultimate game because it was very productive from the set stages. A very high percentage of the goals scored by the blue and yellow came from set pieces, something that is missing this year.

It takes daily work in training to make set pieces a “weapon” for the Legend again. In general, there are many things that need to change, which is why we are particularly surprised by the four-day rest given by the “explosive” Ricardo Sa Pinto.

Strengthening the attack is necessary

It is clear to us that in order for APOEL to be able to claim its goals in the domestic competitions, it will have to become more creative in its game, something that will it also makes it more effective.

It is necessary to strengthen with a fast striker who “has” the goal but also with an attacking midfielder who will be able to contribute substantially both to the creation and to the finishing touches.

With the return of Tasos Donis, who counts backwards and successfully in the aforementioned additions, APOEL will be able to fight for the title and the Cup. Otherwise, he will very quickly find himself in a difficult position.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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