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APOEL Stadium: It caught the eye of… investors (the financial data of the project)

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Jordan contacts with prospective investors have begun

Γorπεδο ΑΠΟΕΛ: Τραβηξε τα βλεμμ&alpha ;τα… επενδυτоν (τα οικονομικδ&epsilon ;δομeνα του πρoτζεκτ)

With the slogan “From dream to action”, APOEL presented last Friday the agreement and the details for the privately owned stadium that will be built in Kokkinotrimithia. Therefore, the issue of financing was at the forefront.

The cost with today's data is estimated at around 35 million. It is noticeable, however, that a small deviation (either above or below) may exist when a company undertakes to process the plan. Of course, these calculations concern today's market data and therefore the sooner the project progresses, the smaller the possibility of deviation from the original cost will be.

Γorπεδο ΑΠΟΕΛ: Τ&rho ;αβηξε τα βλεμματα… επενδυτоν (τα οικονομικα δεδομΕνα του πρότζε&kappa ;τ)

Funding from there on will come from three main sources. Initially, the state sponsorship will cover approximately 30-35% of the project, which practically means that we are talking about an amount close to 12 million euros.

Afterwards, Dinos Iordanos will cover 49% of the remaining amount, i.e. close to 10-12 million, and finally there will be another amount close to 10-12 million that will have to be covered by other investors.

< p>On the latter, in the coming weeks, APOEL will announce investment contracts for interested investors and friends of the team who wish to participate.

Γorπεδο ΑΠΟΕΛ: Τ&rho ;αβηξε τα βλεμματα… επενδυτоν (τα οικονομικα δεδομΕνα του πρότζε&kappa ;τ)

However, the interest is already great. As Mr. Iordanou noted in his interview with ANT1 and on the ant1live.com Podcast, he started contacts with two businessmen he knows who are active in America. They themselves asked for information about the whole project and from the moment they know that Iordanou will not have an advisory role but will be the person who will run the business of the whole project, they are convinced that the formula will be found for them to invest as well.

Finally, what is worth noting is that after the end of the repayment of their investment, their shares will be reduced to the extent that the stadium will be owned primarily by the APOEL union.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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