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APOEL: The 4 pillars of the next day

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What was said at the “Galazocitrine” General Assembly and the harsh reality

ΑΠΟΕΛ: Οι 4 πυλoνες της επoμ ενης μερας

The General Assembly of APOEL has concluded, with Prodromos Petridis opening his papers to the shareholders for the next day and the way in which his administration will manage the very large debt. From what was said at the General Assembly, four points stand out and concern the financial part.

Strategic investor in the foreground

A few days ago, APOEL announced the creation of a four-member committee to find a strategic investor. The committee, made up of Christodoulos Ellinas, Giannos Pantazis, Nikos Kougialis and Alexis Andreou, reached an agreement with a company based in America (with a branch in Austria), which specializes in finding investors interested in investing specifically in football teams.

The agreement alone does not solve the problem, as it does not mean that an investor has been found. A time-consuming process that needs delicate manipulations to produce results. Besides, in any transaction involving millions, the procedures can only be time-consuming.

Field or the solution…

Once again the field came up in the discussion, with Prodromos Petridis stating that the land has been secured and that the goal is for the team to enter a privately owned field by 2026. An extremely difficult undertaking, but it is a key to finding a strategic investor but also in the financial consolidation of the group.

The privately owned stadium is certainly one of the few ways that a team can secure revenue, and it is something that Prodromos Petridis has stated several times that he wants to do before leaving the presidency of the company. Regarding the report, it is worth noting that throughout this period contacts were made with prospective investors for the privately owned stadium, with negotiations with a specific candidate still in force.

Without large openings and reduced budget

Apart from the plan for the privately owned stadium, for which contacts are indeed being made with a company, Prodromos Petridis stated that this year there will not be many changes in the team. This is due to financial constraints, while even the transfers will concern players whose annual salary will not exceed 200 to 220 thousand.

The reduced budget (even if the difference from ' last year) is necessary, however this does not mean that quality transfers cannot be made. 200,000 players are capable of making a difference, it is enough to make the right choices and avoid the mistakes of recent years.

“Vrachnas” appeals

At the same time, one of the chapters that “burns” the Petridis administration concerns the appeals. As he revealed from January until today, 1 million was given in settlements and he will have to give another 800 thousand in view of the June criteria. The amount that will be needed in the next year will increase a lot, since the obligations are running. It is about a big “brachna” who puts difficulties in the next day

The harsh reality

The future for APOEL at the moment seems difficult, and the road of consolidation long. The privately owned stadium or the strategic investor are solutions, however the bottom line is that the “blue and yellow” at the moment have only one way. This practically concerns the reduction of the budget to a level that will not create a deficit in case the team does not qualify for the Conference League groups.

This year is expected to be difficult and requires much more careful handling from the management. Petridis, so that he does not get involved in paths even more difficult than the ones he is already walking.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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