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APOEL: The Champions League and the player from the Bundesliga!

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APOEL: The Champions League and the player from the Bundesliga!

Prodromos Petridis is an old caravan in the field of football and especially in APOEL, so he knows best of all how the bad climate in his team will change and this will be done with resounding transfers! It will make them all talk about the names that will come out in the forum, with some of them preparing suitcases for the Archangel!

Where was the money found?

As everyone knows, the bad season brought big financial problems to APOEL. So naturally everyone is wondering, how did a football company with a lot of debts enter the field of transfers so strongly? Two things can happen. Either there is an entry of unknown investors, or the board. of the company proceeded to new borrowing in order to immediately begin planning the new season.

He wants the Champions League

Be that as it may, the company in order to meet the new financial obligations that are created will have to build a powerful team which in the new season will be able to occupy either the 1st or the 2nd place in order to earn its exit. in the Champions League and through this event to claim participation in European groups. Of course, there is no one who can guarantee all these successes that will bring the necessary millions to the company's coffers. This is why many talk about great risk on the part of the president of the company…

Bundesliga player!

We return to the transfer front to tell you that what we write at the beginning of our report is being verified with what is being leaked about the intentions of the company and the planning committee. It has been circulating since yesterday that APOEL made an offer to a player who played in the German Bundesliga last season and is waiting for his answer! The issue was, at least yesterday, at the top of the social media that deal with APOEL. So the “German” has already shaken the waters!

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