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APOEL: “The sole responsibility of the police to ensure that everything runs smoothly, AEK then accepted…

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 ΑΠΟΕΛ: «Αποκ λικενη αστυνομiς ;κλσλληεε ;δΕχτηκε...

Announcement from APOEL after the police decision not to accept the request to open the North Stand of the GSP.

Read what the blue and yellow people note about the Police and AEK.

In a few days we will have an important league match between APOEL and AEK. A game where as APOEL we had no intention of adding intensity or anything else. We had a fair request to be given part of the North stand, following the need created by the exhaustion of the rest of the stands.And we made this request because it does not conflict with any regulation and any decision of either the KOP or the Police. On the contrary, since we consider it safer for our fans to be placed in the stands than to wander without a ticket outside the stadium waiting for the end of the match. ensure everything runs smoothly.

Let's go to AEK now. Which decided to apply in the last game of the championship, to cancel the ban on away fans. A request that is in complete contradiction with regulations but also with what has been in force for all teams so far. It was a request that the AEK administration itself knew would not have a response since it was irregular. But she did it for the sake of being seen and as a communication trick to caress the ears of her world.

A communication trick and the official announcement that followed with which he wanted to put pressure so that APOEL's fair request would not be accepted. In an announcement where AEK even concludes with the following inimitable. “Let those in charge reflect on the precedent that will be created and its future management.”

But AEK itself created the precedent when on 22/05/22 in the last matchday of the championship, in Tsireio against Apollon, with a common request, he accepted to allow fans of both teams to enter the Eastern stand of Tsireio.For that day, the management of AEK did not express any concern for the physical integrity of its…hundreds of fans, who went to Tsirio and were separated by substandard dividers. An arrangement that had not happened in no other game in Tsireio (as they state in their announcement about the “practice until today”) and they did it in a… derby where even a place was decided, for the qualifiers of the UEFA Champions League. While now she is worried about her 50 fans, who would have for their protection, separating railings, a neutral zone beyond 10 meters, a space of 1500 seats for the 50 fans to sit (equal to the entire horseshoe in the “AEK Arena “) and of which each fan will be accompanied by a supervisor and a uniformed MMADite.

50 of whom, now the management of AEK itself, “recommends” as the persons that will have all eyes turned on them.

We regret her choice, to accompany this game with… intensity.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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