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APOEL: With half of them being “played”, the scene is still pale

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Sto APOEL draft for the transfer plan but the setting is still & # 8230; pale and prediction of the number of additions to be made in any case can not yet be made.

This is because almost half of the foreigners/community members who are bound by a contract, but also about half of whom the contract has expired, are in & # 8230; air!

Those who have & # 8230; sealed their place in the roster of the new season, are Eselink, Sampala, Souza, Sarfo (given his acquisition), Endongala and Quilitaya. Skufet, Sepak, Dausville, Danilo, Okriashvili and Maglitsa are not as “sure”, with some of them (especially the first two) being taken for granted, some with shared chances and some with more close to stay (Dausville).

As for the list of players remaining free, data will not be renewed the contracts of Savic, Vinicius, Santos and Natel (his loan has expired), but things are different with Pedro, Ludemo and De Vincenti, who have some chances for a new contract, most of them the Argentine, meaning that he will accept & # 8230; strong reduction of earnings.

As it is understood, there are so many open fronts in APOEL and before the above cases are clarified, it is impossible to estimate where will reach the number of transfers, which depending on the outcome of the above cases, may be from 7-8 up to a dozen.

We remind you that the transfer of midfielder Dalsio while the blue and yellows are also promoted by the midfielder Amel Mujanic, who, however, does not take a place in List A & # 8217 ;.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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