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Apollo: Antone's wish… deed

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The Limassol team have already completed four transfers despite being under no time pressure

Απoλλων: Η επιθυμΙα του &Alpha ;ντoνε... πρàξη

Apollo programming is “running” at a rapid pace. The “blue and white” have already completed the transfers of Besart Amnnourahimi, Michal Krmencik, Eliel Peretz and Zacharias Adonis. The former signed a cooperation contract for one year while the Czech will be a resident of Kolossi for two years with the prospect of renewal for another one. As for the Israeli midfielder, he signed a contract until 2025, while the Cypriot stopper signed until 2026.

The Limassol team showed their intentions early on. Before the end of June, four transfers were already completed, while it is possible that more announcements will come in the next 24 hours. According to the statements of the team's press representative, Fanouri Konstantinou on SPOR FM 95.0, the cases of Drabaev and Kokoleyshvili are being evaluated for the ends of the defense .

Despite the fact that the team will not compete in Europe, management and technical leadership made sure that the reinforcement started immediately. Bogdan Antone wants as many transfers as possible to be completed at the start of pre-season. This will help to build a good chemistry between the players who will also have enough time to assimilate the philosophy of the Romanian coach.

Of course, there have been cases of teams that rushed to strengthen and at the end of the year they did not succeed. to achieve their goals. However, in most cases, quick planning can only have a positive effect, both on the newcomers themselves and on the team coach.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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